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Eyce, the brand has been around for a while and have been serious contenders in the world of silicone creating a multitude of beakers, rigs, pipes and more. All very well designed, colourful, highly functional and with life-time warranties.

The Collector is my third range of Eyce products, I started with the Eyce Mold 2.0 then came the Eyce Silicone Beaker, both impressing me with their innovative design and functionality.  I will admit I was late to come to the party with silicone smoking paraphernalia, but I have since completely changed my mind. Not all silicone is created equal though so please be careful when choosing and ensure that you choose the highest (food) grade Platinum Cured Silicone that you can.


The Collector is technically a wax/concentrates vaporiser but not as you may know them. This is a vaporiser that does not require any charging as you light the Titanium Nozzle yourself with a torch lighter before each use. Very handy if you tend to forget to charge your devices. Made from Platinum-Cured Silicone (body) with a detachable Proprietary Grade 2 Titanium Nozzle. A nice surprise is the integrated water filtration system within that enables you to smooth out your hits if required. Use it or don’t use it, Eyce gives you the choice by allowing you to completely remove the water chamber if a dry dab pipe is what you desire. The Collector disassembles into 4 parts for easy access and cleaning and comprises the following:

  • Mouthpiece portion with integrated storage for your wax (removable)
  • Water Filtration Chamber (multi percolation)
  • Water Chamber to Titanium Nail connector piece
  • Grade 2 Titanium Nozzle (Nail)

Vaping concentrates (AKA Dabbing) is still relatively new in Australia with a growing underground movement. Dabbing can be dangerous in terms of usage as a high heat is required to effectively turn the concentrate into vapour. There are quite a few ways to dab on the market ranging from vapes that do the heating for you all as well as vapes/rigs that require you to apply external heat yourself. With the Collector, Eyce has tried to make dabbing on the go as safe as they could with a heat resistant and unbreakable silicone body.

TIP: You should take caution when handling the Titanium Nozzle especially when it is still hot. Eyce has thought of this and you can separate the Collector in half and then insert the Nail within the body for safe transport/storage (heat shield within).


  • First step is to fill the chamber with water. Separate the device into 2 halves completely removing the larger mouthpiece portion from the rest. You should now have the water chamber and Titanium Nozzle portion in your hand with the nozzle facing down.
  • Slowly fill with water but this is IMPORTANT – Do Not Overfill!! Eyce recommends using less than 7ml or half a tablespoon. If you overfill water may flow out of the nozzle (after heat is applied) which could severely burn you! So DO NOT OVERFILL. Blowing or coughing into the device can also cause water to flow out of the hot nozzle so don’t do that either! Seriously.

TIP: You can test how much water is within the chamber by inhaling slowly after filling. A good fill will produce bubbles but zero splash back as you inhale. Pour out excess water till you get it right.

  • Reassemble the unit, unscrew the storage compartment and place on an easily accessible flat surface.
  • Grab your torch lighter (butane) and light the Titanium Nozzle. Roughly 5-8 seconds of direct heating is all that should be required. DO Not wait for it to glow red as it is too hot then and you will need to wait for it to cool down. DO NOT heat more than 15 seconds.
  • Place the mouthpiece upon your lips and inhale as you dip the nozzle directly into your wax. You can move the nozzle around, but I can’t stress this strongly enough, dabbing can be very intense so please take your time and always start with less than you think you need. Wax/concentrates are very potent and less is quite often more.
  • Once you are done simply insert the nail directly into the body.


  • Platinum Cured Silicone Body
  • For use with herbal wax/concentrates
  • Proprietary Grade 2 Titanium Nozzle (Nail)
  • Multi percolation water filtration chamber
  • Integrated Silicone Storage Container
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to clean

I have tried to lay out as many safety warnings as possible but due to the need for a butane torch lighter I must advise that you use at your own risk.


Blue Marble, Camouflage, Creature Green, Flower Purple, Fuego

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