Eyce Silicone and Glass Rolling Tray


Eyce, the brand has been around for a while and have been serious contenders in the world of silicone creating a multitude of beakers, rigs, pipes and more. All very well designed, colourful, highly functional and with life-time warranties.

I am starting to accumulate quite the eclectic range from Eyce, with this my first foray into their rolling trays. Eyce never fails to impress me with their innovative design and functionality so I didn’t need to think too deeply as to whether I will include this new silicone and glass tray on my shelves. And just for context I am rapidly running out of room on my shelves, and I only renovated my store 6 months ago!

TIP: Not all silicone is created equal though so please be careful when purchasing and ensure that you choose the highest (food) grade Platinum Cured Silicone that you can.


I would technically call this a 2-piece design as you kind of get 2 rolling trays for the price of 1. A silicone outer tray sits snugly around the glass inner tray. Each can be removed from the other for cleaning. The silicone protects the glass whilst the glass provides a super smooth surface. The glass is on the thicker side with raised edges to keep everything in place.

Any of you familiar with Eyce would know that they like to use vivid colours with all their silicone products. The clear glass allows you to see through to the striped design (tiger-like) silicone below. This is the “Smoke” version incorporating a mix of black and gray stripes with the Eyce logo in the top corner.


x1 Eyce Super smooth Silicone and Glass Rolling Tray –  Coloured tiger stripes design


  • Authentic Eyce product
  • Proteck Series
  • Unique stripe design
  • Platinum Cured Silicone outer body
  • Smooth thin glass inner
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to clean

Bangin, Smoke Black

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