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Creating e liquids from thick herbal concentrates is gaining traction in Australia as more and more people want to vape their herb on the go and with discretion. I am constantly trying to learn and source new and innovative products/brands trying to make a difference in the industry. This is how Farm to Vape entered my world, a very nice customer of mine gave me a heads up and my research began. Founded in 2014 (Virginia, USA), with the goal of perfecting their herbal e liquids. Sick and tired of herbal e liquids that separated due to PG/VG additives, they went to a lab and began formulating their own proprietary thinner blend of medical grade polyethylene glycols PEG 300 and PEG 400 (Top level food grade used).

TIP: Farm to Vape’s Thinner range enables you to create liquids that can be vaped in any form of vape tank, wicked vaporiser, cartridges, drip mods or pod system.

To create an herbal e liquid from herbal concentrate (AKA Shatter, Wax, Rosin, Live Resin, Isolate or Distilate) requires a thinner/emulsifier/liquidiser. Different names but all describe the same type of product, a liquid that converts an extremely thick and resiny substance into a free-flowing runny oil. There are many schools of thought regarding safe and effective herbal e liquid manufacture with many using only PG/VG mixes and others swearing by PEG. There are also reports of possible health damage due to the inhalation of PEG, the first thing I researched before taking on this brand. PEG is said to covert to formaldehyde and acetaldehyde when vaped at very high temperatures, higher than the temperature used for vaping it is said. But please do your own research as your lungs are very important.


There is a lot I like about this brand but the absolute fool-proof ease of using their products is probably the standout feature for me. Please note that this is not the thinner kit version but just a 10ml bottle of thinner/emulsifier and there is no additional boilable dropper bottle.

Farm to Vape has given options with their range of thinners and you can choose between flavoured or unflavoured. The flavoured options will provide you with an added level of discretion (strawberry, mango etc type flavours) whilst the unflavoured versions allows for the addition of terpenes to enhance the flavour. This is the Key Lime flavour.

The entire process should take you no longer than 5 minutes either and on average one bottle should turn about 3.5g of concentrate into just under 15ml of liquid.


I am going to just give an overview to keep it short, but I wanted to show how easy the process is. Here goes…

  • Place 1g of concentrate into a boilable glass dropper bottle (not provided but can be purchased seperatley)
  • Add 2-3ml of Farm to Vape Thinner
  • Boil for 3 minutes in a pot with a lid
  • Decant and vape.


  • x1 10 ml Key Lime Flavoured Thinner


  • Food Grade PEG (300/400)
  • Fool Proof
  • Formulated not to separate
  • 10ml bottle of flavoured thinner
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