Flower Mill Replacement Ring


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Flower Mill USA makes grinders and only grinders. A small, but impressive range for now. I didn’t need to do much testing before I knew that for sure I would stock them. Really well made and quite solid in the hand. Each part just screams quality. Low effort, high-capacity milling all in one compact body. A unique style of grinder with no teeth or blades and their patent is pending. There are 2 styles of mills on offer: a premium edition and a standard one. Additional screens and a ring accessory are also available enabling you to customise.


The Flower Mill Ring is an optional accessory to allow you to customise your mill to your specific needs. Flower Mill is pretty good like that as they also provide an Expansion Pack (replacement screens in various sizes) if needed.

The premise is quite simple, and the Ring’s main role is to significantly increase the storage capacity within. Creating a bowl of sorts. Use this space to mill larger amounts keeping in mind that the Flower Mill naturally processes more than most conventional grinders without the ring in place. I will be annoying now and recommend that you only pre-grind what you will be needing at any given point due to potency loss.

Another major benefit of the Ring is the minimal threading that is requited when it is in place. A simple ¼ turn is all the effort required. Oh, and minimal threading equals minimal cleaning.

TIP: The Ring can be used with either the Premium or the Standard Flower Mill


  • X1 Flower Mill Ring


  • Aluminium
  • Increases bowl/storage capacity
  • Easy to install
  • ¼ turn to open
  • Easy cleaning
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