G-Pen Elite replacement screens 5 pack


Replacement screens for the G Pen Elite

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The Grenco Science G-Pen Elite is considered by many to be a very advanced, user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing portable dry herb vaporiser. Discrete and very easy to use. Lucky you if you own one! 

As per all vaporisers that I sell I am a stickler for keeping them clean. Nothing ruins a vape session more than a clogged unclean vaporiser in my opinion! Any build-up of debris will affect airflow making for a very unpleasant experience. The screen sits housed with the mouthpiece and easily slides in and out for easy cleaning (Isopropyl Alcohol and a cleaning brush should do the job).  

But there are times when even the best cleaning job won’t cut it anymore. That’s where these replacement screens come into the picture. 5 screens per pack should keep you happily vaping for a long time. Slide in a fresh one whilst cleaning or just keep them spare for when you need a new screen. It’s up to you. 

To use: Gently lift the mouthpiece off the unit and remove the cap. To remove screen from the mouthpiece either use your fingernail or tool provided to slide out the screen. Use this opportunity to give the mouthpiece and cap a thorough clean by placing into a bowl of Isopropyl Alcohol for around 5 minutes or so (Higher Standards Dot Wipes work well for cleaning as well). Rinse mouthpiece and cap in warm water then air dry. Reassemble by sliding the screen back into its housing and replace mouthpiece. Ready to go now! 


  • 5 x Mouthpiece Filter Screens 
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