G Pen Elite by Grenco Science Vaporiser


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Grenco Science consistently engineers the most advanced user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, portable vaporisers on the market. They pride themselves on their innovation and the G Pen Elite is no exception. So good that they ask that you register your serial number with them, so they can counteract counterfeits! This larger pen style device resembles a shaver in my opinion thus making it very discreet to own. It has a full digital temperature LED display that can be adjusted to the individual degree and can be used in either Celsius or Fahrenheit mode. One of the deepest 360° ceramic heating chambers on the market today, nothing will stick to it making it very easy to clean. The G pen has a rubberised coating which will help keep it looking newer for longer by resisting any scratching. A major point of difference is the fact that you can continue to use your G Pen whilst charging – majority of other vaporisers do NOT do this.

Very easy unit to clean. The mouthpiece can be pulled apart into 3 pieces, so you can get into every single space. Snaps back into place when done. The wide area around the intake hole in the mouthpiece helps to disperse heat so that even with prolonged use you don’t burn your lips. Replacement filter screens can also be purchased once they become too hard to clean.

Highly recommended to sterilise all convection vaporisers to remove manufacturing residue. Power on the device – 5 pushes on front button. Set the G pen to its highest temperature (220°C) by pressing the top button located on the side of the unit. Once desired temperature is displayed hold and press down the power button to begin heating. The unit will power off after 5 minutes. Repeat the process 2 more times. Ready to use!

To use: Pull mouthpiece up and out gently, load Chamber with your freshly ground herb of choice (don’t over pack). Power on with 5 presses of power button located at the front of the unit. The letter G will light up. The LED display on the side will tell you the current temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit) as well as battery level (4 bars = full and flashes when empty). To change between Celsius and Fahrenheit push the top side button simultaneously with the power button and for Fahrenheit with the bottom side button. Once in desired mode you can use the up and down side buttons to select your exact temperature. The numbers on the display will increase or decrease depending on your choice (93°C – 220°C). This is a very quick process and should take no more than 30 seconds.  Inhale when desired temperature is reached on display. Unit powers off after 5 minutes of non-use.

Contains – G Pen Elite vaporiser, card grinder, cleaning brush, keyring chamber tool (with a chisel corner to help you get into the deepest corners of the chamber), Micro-USB charger and a quick start guide