Geek Vape Rubber Building/Dabbing/Cleaning Mat


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Geekvape is a brand not usually associated with the 420 lifestyle market but I am not one to overlook any useful products. A trusted brand that produces high quality products that I respect. A dab/building/cleaning mat may not seem exciting but it is an accessory that once used becomes indispensable!


The Geekvape Building Mat is a fantastic surface for rebuilding/cleaning/storage/extraction! High-grade waterproof cloth surface, the mat is made from natural rubber and is safe and non-slip. Portable and soft, it features embroidered edges for a better feel, comfort and durability.

  • Natural rubber, safe and non-slip
  • Portable and soft
  • Waterproof technology repels liquid, easy to clean
  • Embroidered edge for better feel, comfort and durability

TIP: This mat has a multitude of uses and I would personally use it as a dab mat to help keep surfaces undamaged whilst using hot tools. Alternatively you can use this rather large mat whilst extracting herbal oils or any other messy endeavour!

Dimensions: 80 x 40cm


X1 Rather large Geekvape Silicone/Rubber Mat

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