Ghost MV1 dual use herbal Vaporiser Matte Stealth Black edition


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May 2020 – Sadly Ghost has encountered a few issues and have shut their operation. This is my one and only Ghost that I have left and I have no spare parts. To be honest there may not be any spare parts anywhere and warranty issues will not be resolved (by Ghost themselves, I still follow Australian Consumer Law ). Please keep this in mind when purchasing this discounted vape that had so much promise……

The vaporisers that Ghost Vapes produce are all about quality. I really like the way they approach their research, basically procuring all the best herbal vaporisers to study them and then reverse engineering them to create the ultimate in herbal vaporisers. Taking and improving on the best qualities whilst eliminating any flaws. This is where the Ghost MV1 comes into the picture. Extensive research culminated in an on-demand (i.e.: non-session vape) true convection vaporiser crafted from the highest quality medical-grade materials. Everything about the Ghost screams quality.


I will be honest, this is the oddest looking herbal vaporiser that I sell (or own!). Looks a little like a Dalek from Doctor Who, or some sort of mini robot. The design is quite ergonomic and feels quite nice in the hand. Curves in all the right places. This is not the smallest herbal vaporiser and may not be appropriate for on the go vaping unless you are organised and use the included box for transport. This is technically a dual use vape as you are provided a concentrates pad for use with waxy concentrates.

The Ghost come with internal dual 2600mAh battery capacity with the ability to swap out the batteries if needed. Near-almost instant heat up time, with on demand convection heating style provides a pretty potent experience. The heating chamber is made from ceramic (stainless steel inner) as is the heat sink that your vapour passes through on the way up the extendable glass mouthpiece, resulting in cooler/smoother vapour/flavour.

The Ghost comes with quite a unique loading chamber or crucible as it is officially called. The crucible is completely removable (great for cleaning) for loading/unloading. The crucible (holds 0.12g) is accessible by pushing the small tab and an arm holding the crucible will swing out. 3 buttons can be found on various parts of this device. A crucible door opener, on/off + temperature adjuster and a “fire” button. At first glance this appears to be an easy vape to master but I felt that I had to play around and reread the instructions for a short while to get it right. The Ghost MV1 comes with an App you can download enabling ease of use, precise temperature control and further customisation (Android).

TIP: This app is not a necessity for vaping, but I would recommend use it to register your vape to take advantage of the extended warranty on offer (7 years! – maybe not anymore though, please check). You can also lock your vape via the app, locate it when lost and download firmware.

Measurements: H – 12.7cms x W – 5.7cms x D – 3.5cms


The Ghost MV1 is quite the powerful device running off of a 2600mAh dual 18650 battery pack (USB Charge). And the best bit? The battery pack is removable and a spare pack can be purchased (not available in kit and I have none). A spare pack is not a necessity as this innovative vaporiser can last for an impressively long time. I conservatively estimate that you can get a minimum of 50 hits per charge. Long term usage is but one benefit of the Ghost, you will also experience almost instantaneous heat up times (10 seconds initially then 3 seconds during use). Your temperature will stay constant with no drop during use providing smooth hit after smooth hit.


Heating occurs via full on-demand convection whereby the enclosed herbal material is heated via a stream of hot air as needed. Convection allows you to take one hit and then save the rest for later with no change in potency or flavour. On demand vapes are a rarity in herbal vaping with most units heating for a set session before cooling down. On demand vapes allow you to completely customise your experience depending on the effect desired allowing you to economise and conserve your herbal material. An on demand vape will provide flavourful, dense and smooth draws with the internal vapour pathway (plus heat sink) further helping to cool down your vapour and enhance your experience.

TIP: The Ghost MV1 requires you to inhale in a specific way with very long (up to 15 seconds), slow and deep inhales.


All components used in the Ghost MV1 are inert and made to medical grade standards. All components have been designed and engineered to withstand extreme temperatures making this unit quite safe. The heat sink sits between the crucible and mouthpiece and is made of Stainless Steel with a ceramic inner sleeve. The role of a heat sink is to dissipate heat. The entire vapour path, from crucible to mouthpiece will work to cool down your vapour without adulterating your flavour in any way. Your vapour will only ever come into contact with ceramic (crucible and heat sink) and then glass (mouthpiece).

TIP: The glass mouthpiece is retractable when not in use to keep it safe and hygienic. You can also use the mouthpiece to modify the resistance of your inhales. Free flowing air when fully extended or more resistance when lowered.


The Ghost MV1 comes with 2 modes from you to choose from; herbal (Amber) and concentrates (Red) mode. 3 pre-set temperature for herbal mode are available via the unit itself and each can be toggled between via the on/off button located on the front (bottom) of the vape. Each temperature is represented by a different number of LED lights. If you are using the app you will be able to choose a temperature anywhere between 300°F (149°C) to 400°F (205°C). For concentrates vaping only one pre-set temperature is provided. Please use the app for more options.

  • 340°F/171°C – X1 flashing Amber light
  • 365°F/185°C (default for dry herb) – X2 flashing Amber lights
  • 390°F/199°C – X3 flashing Amber lights


  • x1 Ghost MV1 with battery
  • x2 Crucibles with lids
  • x1 concentrates pad
  • x1 USB Cable
  • x1 quick start guide
  • x3 picks
  • x3 Isopropyl Alcohol wipes
  • x3 cotton swabs


  • Height: 5 in / 12.7 cm
  • Width: 2.25 in / 5.7 cm
  • Depth: 1.6 in / 3.5 cm
  • Weight: 12 oz / 340 g
  • 284° – 428° F / 140° – 220° C from the App
  • 2 – 7 Year Warranty
  • Removable battery
  • Almost instant heat up time
  • Convection heating
  • Heat sink for cool vapour
  • On demand heating
  • Crucible loading system
  • Dual use
  • Concentrate pads provided
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