Glas Vapor – Pebbles 75ml 0mg


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VG/PG: 70%/30%

Another amazing Glas e liquid within another amazing 75ml crystal bottle – Classy indeed! Pebbles, a dessert lovers blend if I have ever seen one. Definitely not for children but reminiscent of those sweet child-like flavours that I adored as a child. Breakfast cereals were devoured as soon as they entered into my home, and to be honest that is pretty much what still happens now! Am I the only one who loves cereal for dinner?Enough about me, how does it taste?

Fruity flavoured cereal is blended with sweet creamy condensed milk and Vanilla Macaroon. An element of butter cuts through the sweetness to round out the comforting nostalgic flavour. A multi-layered e liquid expect hints of milk, citrus, cream and corn flake. With the Vanilla Macaroon and Condensed milk shining through on the inhale and the fruity cereal and sweet cream appearing on the exhale. A slight hint of citrus will linger when you finish.

As per the current laws in this fine country of ours, all E-Liquids sold at We are Lux contain 0mgs of nicotine just the finest flavours we can source worldwide!

Flavour Notes – Sweet, Dessert, Bakery, Citrus, Buttery, Fruit, Cereal, Cornflake, Creamy, Vanilla and Macaroon




Founded by Sean Glas in Los Angeles, California—2014—Born from a passion to create the finest products possible, regardless of time, trouble or cost, while deploying craftsmanship and technology in a way that had never been achieved before. Perfect simplicity is what Glas strives for, with a passion to create the finest products possible, to break boundaries and challenge reality. They believe they express art – The art of flavour.

Glas first began making high end mechanical mods (machined and hand assembled in LA) after 2 years of research using the expertise of aerospace manufacturers, watchmakers and artisans, with a goal of creating the finest device possible. I have checked their site and I can attest to the exquisite workmanship and quality of their devices. I would happy carry their entire range in my store, but as of writing this review am not in a position to afford them yet!

After 6 months of selling worldwide, Glas decided it was time to enter the e-liquid market, taking the same drive for excellence they created a juice worthy of wearing the Glas name. No stone was left unturned to create a masterpiece inside and out. From the striking pure crystal glass bottle – the perfect complement to the artisanal e-liquid, to the development of flavours with extraordinary boldness and nuance.

Glas e-liquids are created in a certified clean room (ISO and GMP Certified Facility) complete with 24-hour video surveillance of mixing and MFG areas ensuring no contamination. Trust me when I tell you that some juice manufacturers create their products in very dubious surroundings! Each bottle comes with a batch code with full traceability, transparency and documentation. Glas also prides itself on exemplary customer service with a concierge experience focussed on making every aspect of the customer experience a little better each and every day.

These e-liquids are high VG (70%) so are more suited to experienced users with a sub-ohm tank set up as the higher viscosity of VG may cause issues with basic beginner style setups.

As per the current laws in this fine country of ours, all E-Liquids sold at We are Lux contain 0mgs of nicotine just the finest flavours we can source worldwide!