Glass Crystal Ashtray – Oval Slant


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Ashtrays have bad connotations in the minds of many, conjuring up negative images and the associated odours. Odour, I cannot help you with (not with an ashtray at least!), but I can try to provide an ashtray one might be proud to display. And most importantly, one that is so gorgeous that you will go out of your way to keep it clean.


Sadly, I cannot give you my usual brand spiel as I am (currently) unaware of who they are. I have been on the hunt for a while now for some affordable, display-worthy crystal ashtrays and decided to stock them on design alone. 3 varieties were chosen, and this is the “Oval Slant” design. I would say this is the most modern looking out of all 3 on offer.

TIP: The slimmest ashtray on offer. Reminds me of a super modern bathtub with very thick edges.

Made 100% from heat-resistant/durable Crystal glass in an oval design. A little geometric in design with thicker and then thinner sections as the glass curves around. I guess that’s why they call it “oval slant”. Stylish, smooth modern lines with a flat base for stability. The internal space is quite deep with walls that rise up over 2cms.

For an ashtray I would say it is on the more petite size and won’t take up a large footprint. There are 2 notches upon the top (one on each end) for you to recline your pre-rolled creations and/or any hot tools used.

Measuring: 12cms at its widest point, 7cms at its narrowest point and 3cms tall.


  • x1 Crystal Glass “Oval Slant” Ashtray


  • 12cms widest point
  • 7cms narrowest point
  • 3cms tall
  • Thick walled
  • Smooth modern lines
  • Curved walls
  • Crystal Glass
  • 2 notches
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