Glass Dabbing Dish with Lid


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Herbal concentrates/wax are incredibly sticky and can be a nightmare to deal with if you don’t have appropriate equipment (dab tools and storage). This is where true connoisseurs ensure they have the appropriate tools for ease of use and enjoyment. Silicone and glass are both fabulous options for the storage of your concentrates as they provide a non-stick surface. I am regularly asked what kind of storage containers do I recommend and my answer is almost always the same – use either a silicone (food-grade) container or a glass one. I wont lie and pretend that your concentrate wont stick at all, but using the appropriate non-stick materials will make your life so much easier with the minimal of adherence.


These Glass Dab Dishes may be small and simple but are perfect to store your concentrates. Each will easily slip into your pocket for transport. The glass is relatively thick with an opaque lid and can easily be washed within a dishwasher or by hand. The threading for the lid is as minimal as it can be to reduce any areas where wax may build up. Cant accurately tell you the exact amount of concentrate that this dish can hold but it measures in at almost 2cms tall (without lid) and and 3cms in diameter (I would guess that you could hold 2-3 grams of concentrate). A dab tool is all that you will require to move wax in/out of your glass jar.

Small but sturdy jar is perfect for use for samples, lip balms, oil based products. Smooth lined lids offer a seamless air tight fit to ensure no leakage or spilling.



x1 7ml glass storage jar (+ lid) for concentrates.


  • Stores up to 3 grams of concentrates
  • Airtight
  • Odour control
  • Durable pressed glass
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