GlassLab 303 8″ Banger Hanger w/ Circle Percolator


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Welcome GlassLab 303 – where art meets science, I have a feeling we will be good friends. High Quality Glass with an artistic twist made in Denver Colorado. They have hit the trifecta with all 3, in my humble opinion. Each and every piece they craft is made from the highest quality materials and are individually inspected in Denver. Only then are each given a “Colorado Certified” Logo to ensure authenticity.

TIP: GlassLab 303 prides themselves on their signature percolators that set a new standard in smooth and cleaner smoke (will never actually be “clean” though, you are still smoking).

Legalities changing all over the globe have really bought out some pretty interesting innovations that do not exclude artistic elements. Many end up becoming “collectors’ items” and are never used. No longer do you need to compromise on either quality or artistic merit, you can now have both without having to rob a bank.

TIP: This write-up will be almost identical to the one for the other Glasslab 303 Banger Hanger Piece (Dome Percolator). Both vary in percolation setup so feel free to skip to that section below.


Another one of my shorter pieces standing at almost 20cms top to bottom. I would also describe is as on the slimmer side, 8cms at its widest (base pedestal). The base is thickened and wide for safety helping keep it upright. The water chamber is surprisingly roomy, and the extra space is provided via a tall chamber. A fixed down stem 90° angled sits within the chamber culminating in a circle percolator (more below). A 14mm flower bowl is provided, the only removable portion. It comes complete with a little handle for easy movement.

TIP: For those of you who like art there are 3 colourful designs upon the glass. One is the authenticity/quality certification.

A dramatic narrowing occurs at the point where the water chamber becomes the neck. An important design feature that helps funnel smoke up towards your mouthpiece whilst trapping the water below where it belongs. An anti-splash back effect. The entire mouthpiece stem is curved further adding to the anti-splash back effect whilst also providing ergonomic inhalation. Your lips are placed on a slightly concave and widened mouthpiece.

TIP: Due to the design and placement of the bowl I would also use this glass piece as a dab rig (for concentrates) by swapping out the bowl for an appropriate sized banger. Percolator will get pretty gunked up though.


A good percolator can greatly improve the experience particularly in regard to comfort and harshness. A must for many of my customers. There are pros and cons for most perc systems on the market. The only real downside in my opinion is the fact that the more intricate the design the more of a headache that cleaning can become. Cleaning regularly (plus soaking) will combat this.

GlassLab 303 really focus on their percolation with a wide range of options across many of the pieces. I currently sell 4 percolator options in this range. This particular percolator is in the shape of a circle that flares out from the base of the down stem. Along the perimeter of the circle are a myriad of tiny slits. Your large smoke bubble will be pushed through these slits and will be broken down into a vast multitude of smaller bubbles. More bubbles equals superior filtration and quite a visual feast. Filtration on this level will provide an airier, smoother and vastly more comfortable experience.


  • X1 GlassLab 303 Clear Banger Hanger with Circle Percolator
  • X1 14mm Flower Bowl (male and with a handle)


  • Authentic GlassLab 303 Piece
  • All American made and Certified
  • American Colour Rods used
  • Made of Heavy-Duty High-Quality Glass
  • 8”/20cms tall
  • Inbuilt 90°down stem
  • Circle Percolator
  • Large Water Chamber
  • Curved mouthpiece
  • Anti-splash back design
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