Grav 1.25″ 3 Piece Grinder


Grav Labs have a knack of creating products that are as aesthetically beautiful as they are technically advanced.


Grav have a knack of creating products that are as aesthetically beautiful as they are technically advanced. If is is Grav, you know it will be good! Known world wide for their beyond-compare glass pipes/rigs/beakers etc, I guess they wanted to create a grinder good enough to stand by their impressive glass.


First thing you will notice is how solid and durable they feel in your hand. Made from CNC Aluminium (anodized aerospace aluminium) with a shiny, fingerprint-free, scratch proof finish. 15 teeth run along the base of the top lid to grind your herb effortlessly. The holes in the top chamber are well spaced to prevent clogging (also makes cleaning easy!).

The top lid is held in place with a crazy-strong magnet. Blade plates are well spaced and are elongated to leave no blind spots in the chamber. The included aluminium scraping tool is curved to perfectly fit the interior curves of the grinder.

This is a 3-piece grinder with the following parts

  • Magnetic top lid
  • Central grinding plate
  • Bottom storage with scraping tool.


Pull off the magnetic top lid and place smallish buds amongst the teeth. Don’t overpack as you still need to replace the lid. Once replaced turn the lid from side to side. Your ground up flower material will collect in the storage container beneath. Important to regularly take apart and clean your grinder. Gently clean between the teeth with a cotton bud lightly doused in Isopropyl Alcohol. Wipe Clean.

Threading between the different layers may get gunked up over time and won’t allow you to close properly. A cloth slightly dampened with Isopropyl Alcohol should clean up all built-up residue. Make sure you really get into each and every thread. Allow all alcohol to evaporate before reusing.


x1 1.25” 3 Piece Grav Grinder


  • Height: 1.25”
  • Diameter: 2.25”
  • Powerful Magnets
  • Metal pollen scoop

Black, Gun metal, Midnight blue, Sea Green, Silver

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