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Grav 5” Arcline Steamroller Pipe


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Grav, hands down are the masters of glass, scientific producers of glass if you will. A global reputation that is hard to surpass. Built to last, highly functional and as gorgeous as glass can get. Those in the know only and always use Grav glass. When Grav makes a water pipe/dab rig they know what they are doing. Built strong for a smooth and easy session. Oh, and so they don’t break easily either. Beautiful enough to display anywhere in your home, if that’s how you do things.


Grav likes to make groups of products that are based around a central theme, in this case the Grav Arcline Series. This series appears to be all about durable, extra-thick pieces that are crafted to resemble the iconic columns of classic architecture. All pipes in this series are designed to be super tough and able to withstand wear and tear. I will always sell Grav Labs within my Bondi Vape Store, that is how high I rate them.


Grav has really impressed me with this pipe which is inspired by old Tuscan Columns located in Italy. The Romans used to like to add elaborate columns to their buildings, creating some of the most beautiful architecture and now there is a pipe to match. Just like a real column this piece is very durable and is made on 19mm tubing (extra thick tubing). Both the bowl and pedestal at the base are fixed in place via custom forged joints. Whilst at either end you will find either the reinforced mouthpiece or the rather large carb hole. Lastly, the simple yet wide design makes this a very easy pipe to keep clean.


Located approximately three quarters along the tube from the mouthpiece is the raised inbuilt bowl, a fairly wide and deep bowl suitable for larger sessions (or for sharing). The Arcline Steamroller has been designed for easy one-handed packing due to the protruding pedestal base (located directly beneath the bowl) and the mouthpiece, both enabling the bowl to stand upright without you needing to hold the pipe.

TIP: For those of you that like an intense inhale I recommend purchasing a Smojo Screen to narrow the hole within the bowl.


Just like on a real column, both ends of the Arcline Steamroller flare out from the central tube with a large hole on both sides. One end is the mouthpiece and the other is the carb. This simple design will make you very happy when it is time to clean your pipe as you can easily access the entire tube within via each opening with pipe cleaners or small brushes.


X1 Authentic Grav 5” Arcline Steamroller in a foam lined storage box.


  • Height: 5”
  • 19mm tubing
  • Durable Borosilicate Glass
  • Arcline Series
  • Large protruding attached bowl
  • Carb located front and centre
  • For use with dry herbal material
  • Designed by Stephen Peirce

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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