Grav X Jane West Beaker Water Pipe


Grav Labs, hands down are the masters of glass, scientific producers of glass if you will. A global reputation that is hard to surpass. Built to last, highly functional and as gorgeous as glass can get. Those in the know only and always use Grav glass. When Grav makes a water pipe/dab rig/glass pipe they know what they are doing. Built strong for a smooth and easy session. Oh, and so they don’t break easily either. Beautiful enough to display anywhere in your home, if that’s how you do things.

This is a collaboration between Grav Labs and the woman I most admire in the 420 sphere, Jane West. Ms West is a formidable women with multiple ventures all geared around cannabis. She runs a very successful events company (Edible Events) and advocates passionately for the safe consumption of medicinal herbs


My favourite lady has done it again! Another gorgeous showcase worthy glass water pipe. This beautiful beaker (Cobalt Blue or Mint Green) is packed with elegance and function and has been scientifically engineered using the same Borosilicate Glass as the rest of the Jane West/Grav Collection. The Beaker stands at 10” tall and made on 25mm tubing. I have to say that I have a real soft spot for this beaker and it was one of the first high end pieces that I ever stocked back in the day! Visually I am reminded of the TV Show “I Dream of Jeannie” and the bottle that was her home!

Thickened BaseStarting at the bottom this piece is perfectly weighted, with the base being the thickest portion of the glass making it difficult to knock over or upend (particularly when filled with water). With a fluted body that is not just for looks, this additional volume at the sides of the Beaker leads to additional smoke volume with bigger clouds.

Fixed Down StemA fixed fission down stem diffuses smoke through water and is attached to the inside of the Beaker to prevent loss or damage. The downstem hits the water (works best with approximately 2” of water) at precisely the right angle for maximum output from even the smallest bowls. This magnificent piece of glass compromises of a 14mm female joint and a large capacity 14mm male bowl to hold your herb.

Long Neck – The neck is slim and sleek and feels great to hold leading up to the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece helps to keep even the most violent bubblings of pipe water away from your lips, so you never end up accidentally swallowing some!

Flower Bowl – Lastly is the flower bowl, made from the same super tough glass as the body. 14mm, male and removable. This bowl is officially the Caldera Bowl that Grav manufactures. These bowls come in a variety of colours and is colour matched to the rest of the water pipe.


x1 eye wateringly gorgeous Beaker by Jane West and Grav


  • Grav and Jane West Collaboration
  • Jane West Logo
  • Cobalt Blue or Mint Green in colour
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • Includes 14mm Male Bowl
  • 10” in Height
  • Fixed Diffused Downstem
  • Beaker Water Pipe
  • Base Width is 6”
  • Thick Glass
  • American Glass Beaker Bong
  • Designed By Jane West Made x Grav Labs

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**


Cobalt Blue, Mint Green

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