Grenco Science G Pen Dash 950mAh Dry Herb Vaporiser Kit


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Grenco Science consistently engineers some of the most advanced user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, portable vaporisers on the market. They pride themselves on their innovation and setting new standards in aesthetics, portability, functionality and user experience. The G Pen Dash is their latest iteration of dry herb vaporisers, a compact and lightweight device perfect for beginners or connoisseurs looking for a small portable (and discreet) option. My first impression out of the box is how simple yet solid (smooth aluminium shell) the vape looks. I was quite impressed and found the Dash to be a great option in dry herb vaping for its size and price. A one-year warranty is offered by Grenco Science.

The Dash may be simple but it comes loaded with features such as an aluminium alloy body, multi-area air intake holes, one button interface, haptic feedback, isolated pathway, inner helix cooling dispersion system, glass-glazed stainless steel heating chamber, x3 pre-set temperature selection, magnetic mouthpiece, 950mAh battery capacity and pass-through charging capability.

Measurements: 3.6” x 1.2” x 0.8”


Front and centre of the G Pen Dash is the one and only button. This button is raised and contains 3 LED lights that will let you know the exact status of the battery. The LED lights will be a certain colour dependent on which of the 3 pre-set temperatures are selected. Heating begins as soon as you turn on the vape (last set default) and you can modify the temperature at any stage. Haptic feedback (vibration) will let you know when it is time for you to inhale.

  • Blue – 190°C
  • Green – 205°C
  • Red – 220°C

The Dash works in “Session Mode”, meaning that the oven heats and stays on for a predetermined period of time before turning itself off. This is a safety feature and you can turn the vape back on as often as you like.


A mouthpiece may not sound like an exciting feature, but I really like what Grenco Science have done with this one. A nicely tapered ergonomic piece that sits quite well upon the lips. The beauty of the mouthpiece (for me at least) is the magnetic connection. Definitely not the first vape I sell with a magnetic mouthpiece but this one clicks into place quite solidly and stays in place due to the inclusion of little side prongs along with the pretty strong magnets. The mouthpiece can also be taken apart for easy cleaning.


The heating chamber is located beneath the mouthpiece and is made up of stainless steel that is lined with glass to provide pure unadulterated flavour. The heating method is conduction whereby the walls of the chamber heat up and your herbal material transfers the heat amongst itself, requiring you to pack the oven appropriately. The Dash has a multitude of air intake holes located on both the front and the back of the unit allowing for some pretty nice airflow, particularly on such a small vape.

TIP: Convection vapes can take a little practice to get the packing technique correct. You want a tight enough pack for all your herbal material to touch each other for even heat distribution whilst still leaving the packing loose enough so you can inhale without too much resistance. I recommend not overpacking.


From heating chamber to your lips you will find an isolated pathway. What does this mean? That your vapour passes only along inert, heat proof materials. Purer and healthier vapour is created when the internal pathway does not come into contact with any electronic components or other non-heat safe materials. You will notice that even the mouthpiece has an insert (easily removeable) so your pathway is completely isolated.

A heating chamber located directly below a mouthpiece can cause issue (overheating) in many smaller vapes. This is due to the fact that the longer the pathway for vapour to travel through the cooler and smoother the experience becomes. A very short pathway does not have enough space for heat to disperse effectively. Grenco Science has factored that in and have included a helix insert directly within the mouthpiece. The helix forces the vapour to move through a longer pathway before inhalation helping to disperse the heat. Complete dispersion of heat can’t occur on a device so small but the helix is a nice feature that effectively plays its role.


The G Pen Dash comes complete with an internal 950mAh battery (not removeable) that can be charged via the included USB Cable. With moderate use you should only need to recharge every day/second day. A further unique feature is the ability to charge and vape at the same time (pass-through charging). Most vapes do not have this function requiring you to wait, not so with the Dash!


An incredibly easy vape to use. I recommend grinding up your herb when using a vaporiser as the more consistent in size your herb the more efficient the vape. You do not want to grind to finely though (never a powder!)

  • Place your herbal material within the oven and reattach the magnetic mouthpiece.
  • X5 clicks to power on and it will automatically start heating to the last pre-set temperature unless you modify the temperature whereby it will heat to the new selection. The Dash will vibrate when ready, but you can also watch the LED lights flash then turn solid when heating is complete.
  • Inhale long and slow as often as you like keeping in mind that your vape will turn itself off at some point. Feel free to turn it back on to continue vaping if your herbal material has not been exhausted of viable content.
  • 5 clicks to turn off if you want a quick and short session.

TIP: You can stop heating at any time by pressing and holding the button for 2 seconds if you don’t want to turn the device off.


A fairly easy unit to clean with 2 main areas to focus on.

The mouthpiece comes apart for easy cleaning. You can push out (gently) the insert from the very top of the mouthpiece. I used my nail to push it through and it popped out easily. There is a piece of rubber on the base of the insert that keeps it in place, I would remove the rubber before cleaning and clean it separately (warm soapy water). I would then soak the insert in Isopropyl Alcohol to clean all resin/gunk off. An old toothbrush can help get the screen clean. As for the actual mouthpiece itself? I would use warm soapy water for that too. Rinse all parts well, allow to dry and reassemble.

TIP: Ensure you replace the rubber footer to the insert correctly as it keeps the insert in place within the mouthpiece.

As for the actual heating chamber, I would ever so lightly douse a cotton ear bud is Isopropyl Alcohol (remember electrical components sit just beneath the chamber). Sweep the bud around within the chamber focusing on any areas of build-up. Allow to completely evaporate before reusing.


x1 G Pen Dash Vaporiser, x1 G Pen Tool with keychain and x1 charging cable


  • Works with dry herb only
  • 950mAh battery capacity (pass-through capability)
  • 1 year warranty
  • Aluminium body
  • Magnetic mouthpiece
  • One button interface
  • 3 pre-set temperatures
  • Conduction heating
  • 30-40 seconds heat up time
  • Front and back air intake
  • Isolated pathway
  • Glass glazed stainless steel heating chamber
  • Haptic feedback
  • Inner helix for heat dispersion
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