Hamilton Devices Auxo Calent Dual Heating Dry Herb Vaporiser


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I am well known for my extensive researching, and I take pride in finding new brands/products, but I cannot take credit for this find. A valued customer of mine reached out to me via Instagram to introduce the Hamilton Devices brand (thanks Josh!) and it was love at first sight! I owe him big time.

Hamilton Devices are experts in all things CCELL. They are internationally recognised for their superior CCELL (Ceramic Heating) Technology Cartridges as well as their incredibly innovative oil and/or wax vaporisers. They are also moving steadily into the dry herbal vaporiser world. Oh, and just to mix it up they make one of the most innovative dry herb pipes I have ever seen.


I took this vaporiser home last night, first time in a while that I have done that. I have many vapes at home and I tend not to “gift” myself them anymore unless I am more than slightly intrigued. So now I own a Calent and I am very happy. This vape is a dry herb vaporiser, medicinal marijuana is its main usage, but a variety of herbs can also be used.

TIP: This vaporiser is all about complete flavour expression. I was amazed at the flavour of my medicinal prescription. This is achieved via all new dual heating technology – more below.

Looks wise this vape is beautiful and very sleek. Hamilton describes it as a rival to the Pax herbal vaporiser and in terms of the body they are quite similar. Both have a metallic finish and are sleek screenless devices. Almost the same size too. That’s where the similarities end in my opinion though.

The Calent has a 360° swivel mouthpiece. Exquisitely crafted and made entirely from medical-grade Zirconium. This mineral is used in a variety of industries that require a material that can withstand and dissipate heat. This unique mouthpiece enables faster cool down of your vapour whilst delivering some pretty amazing flavour. Flavour and safety are paramount for Hamilton Devices.

TIP: The entire mouthpiece portion is held in place via a quite strong magnet.

No screen means you get pre-set temperatures, but Hamilton also provides an app to use for individual customisation. I tend not to use additional apps with my vapes, but I enjoyed the ease of this particular app. 4 quick start heat settings are included for straight out of the box usage. The heating chamber is on the deeper side and is made from stainless steel.

There is quite a good battery in this vape, 2900mAh (3.6v) and according to Hamilton you can get 20 sessions out of one charge. I have not verified this yet, but my battery life was still pretty high after using it most of last night! A full charge will take about 2.5 hours via USB-C Charger.


Conduction is one of the ways this vape heats. In this method the walls of the heating chamber transfer heat amongst the herbal material packed within. Hamilton has gone one extra and included a second method – infrared heating. Infrared is like radiant heat, think of the sun warming your face as you look up towards it. In a vaporiser stored power is converted into radiant heat. The 2 methods work hand in hand to provide consistent and precise sessions that unleash some crazy intense flavours.

TIP: This is the only vape on the market (currently at least) that uses this form of dual heating technology.


  • x1 Auxo Calent Vaporiser
  • x1 Cleaning Brush
  • x1 USB Type C Charging Cable
  • x1 Manual


  • Body: Aluminium Alloy
  • Oven: Stainless Steel
  • Oven capacity: 0.3g
  • Mouthpiece: Zirconium
  • Compatible with: dry herbal material
  • Heating: Conduction + Infrared
  • 4 quick start heat settings
  • 360° mouthpiece
  • Cool vapour
  • Flavour is enhanced
  • Preheat time: 20-30 seconds
  • Session time: 3 minutes
  • Temperature range: 356 – 428°f (180 – 220°c)
  • Battery capacity: 2900mAh 3.6v
  • Up to 20 sessions per charge
  • Charging time: 150 minutes
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