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Hand Incense Burner Mudras Thumb to finger Pose


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I stock Wild Berry Incense, a pretty amazing incense with intensely intoxicating aromas that smack you (lovingly) in the face the moment you enter my store (baking brownies is my current favourite). Quite possibly the best incense I have ever encountered.

So now I have a dilemma – what would one use when lighting such an incredible incense stick? Here is my solution, a beautifully crafted hand in the palm up, thumb to finger position (Mudras pose) to hold your incense whilst it does its magic.

Measurements: Approx 11 cm long (wrist to longest finger) and 5cm wide (across the palm)

To use: Insert the incense into the opening (non-lightable side) and then light the other end.

To clean: Dust off any incense residue and use a slightly damp cloth to wipe down and polish.

Contains: x1 hand shaped incense burner – Black

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