Healthy Rips Rogue/Rogue SE Dosing Capsules


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I would like to extend a hearty welcome to Healthy Rips, I am excited that you are here! Known for creating high end herbal vaporisers at a fair price, these fine folks also share my desire to offer the healthiest experience that is possible. Their premise is simple, “to design and develop affordable devices that outperform the more expensive ones “. As the designers, the manufacturers as well as being the distributers they are able to offer a lower price point than comparable high-end herbal vaporisers.

Another reason to fall in love with this vape is the fact that there are accessories galore for both vapes that Healthy Rips manufacture allowing you to modify and maintain your vaporiser very easily. Each accessory/replacement part is made from the same high-quality materials as the rest of the vape.


A very good question! The answer is pretty simple and is basically about keeping your heating chamber as pristine as possible. Or maybe you just like to control your dosages. These capsules come in a 4 pack and you can pre-pack all of them in preparation for future use. The choice is yours!

These stainless-steel capsules can be used within the Rogue herbal vaporisers ONLY (SE or original model). If you posses the Fury Edge or the Fury 2 these caps will be too large and not heat efficiently when inserted into the oven. Smaller dosing caps are available from them. The premise of each cap is that you place your dry herbal material directly inside, replace the lid and then insert the capsule directly into the heating chamber. From this point you vape as per usual.

TIP: A plastic carry case is provided, allowing you to store your capsules together.

  • Measuring: 11mm x 12mm
  • Capacity within .145 – .175 grams


X4 Healthy Rips Official Rogue Herbal Vaporiser Dosing Capsules in a plastic storage tube. (For use in the Rogue/Rogue SE Only, there are separate dosing caps for the Fury Edge/Fury 2)

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