Helix Orbit Quartz Glass Banger with Intercooler Port Kit


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My first product from American Helix, a small niche glassware brand from the United States. The concept of the “Helix” Airflow System is their whole schtick, and they apply it to all they create. They actually were the first brand to incorporate the Helix into their pipes starting way back in 2007 (different brand name then). By 2010 their Helix Pipes where the #1 selling hand pipes in the USA. Partners went their separate ways, and a new name arose in 2012 (American Helix) but the commitment to superior airflow technology remains

TIP: American Helix focuses heavily on the quality of their manufacturing/materials (they have glass engineers!) and are a choice for those who don’t like to compromise.


Helix airflow systems are all based on Bernoulli’s Principle of Venturi – AKA The Bernoulli Principle. This principle was initially all about fluid pressure and how faster moving fluids exert less pressure than slower moving ones. Within dab rigs and water pipes, a Helix System is all about airflow/movement and cooling effects.  A Venturi Tube is used within Helix Airflow Systems, a small narrow air intake outlet (can also be multiples).  A single Venturi allows cool air to spin into your smoke for a classic Helix “swirling tornado effect” that delivers a smooth (and visually impressive) experience.


You may have ascertained from reading the above that this is a banger for those that taking their dabbing seriously. A growing trend in Australia as more and more prescription holders educate themselves on the various consumption methods. There are 3 parts to this kit, all playing their own role to enhance your experience.

  • Orbit Quartz Banger – 14mm and male connection. The port is not frosted. The top of the orbit banger is flat, and the bottom is concave with an internal mound. A fairly unique design, unlike any bangers I currently stock. I will try not to butcher my explanation! 2 features take this banger to the next level. The first I have touched on already, the Venturi Tube. Look carefully at the exterior of the banger and you should see a small channel running down into the banger. The angle as well as the positioning of this tube plays a role in creating a swirling “Helix-like” effect within. Air will spiral around within the banger. The second standout feature is the actual design of the base of the banger, usually either flat or rounded. The Orbit Banger uses a toroidal track and my most simple definition is that this involves different curvatures within the glass and is important if you want to increase surface area contact. The pearls provided in this kit benefit greatly from this increase in surface area allowing them to create greater agitation. The Orbit Banger is specifically recommended for cold start dabbing.
  • Carb Cap – Almost all carb caps I sell have an opening at the very top and one at the bottom to allow for directional airflow. Not so with this design as all airflow is provided via the Venturi tube. Extra airflow from your carb cap would interfere with this Helix airflow system. Made entirely from high quality glass, this cap will completely close off the banger whilst in place allowing the vortex to do its magic.
  • Terp Pearls – 2 tiny little balls made from high quality glass that will be easy to lose! Their role is basic but used correctly they can enhance flavour and effect. The premise is simple – to spin around within the banger alongside your herbal concentrate material whilst inhaling. They work hard to evenly distribute heat and disperse the concentrate around the heated banger for larger draws. The constant agitation keeps your material on the move enabling longer heating.

All components in this kit have been designed to work together to greatly enhance your experience. Low temperature vaporisation is the preferred usage but feel free to go hot – just be careful! In all aspects, intense levels of airflow have been addressed all whilst providing a comfortable, smooth and easy draw. Just be aware the more tools you use to dab with, the more cleaning you are required to undertake. Oh and don’t lose the mini pearls, I recommend a small silicone container to house them between usage!


  • x1 Orbit Helix Quartz Banger
  • x1 Orbit Custom Carb Cap
  • x2 Orbit Custom Glass Mini Pearls


  • Connoisseur level dabbing
  • 14mm male connection banger
  • Quartz Banger
  • Helix Airflow System
  • Side Venturi Tube
  • Toroidal Track within for increased surface area
  • Flat Top on Banger
  • Custom Carb Cap – No airflow capacity
  • Airflow is greatly increased
  • 2 Glass Mini Pearls
  • Pearls increased agitation within
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