Hemp Hemp Hooray Hemp Wash Cloth


100% Pure Hemp wash/exfoliating cloth for your face and body

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This gentle yet effective face washer made from Hemp fibre, becomes more absorbent and softer with use, with proper care your exfoliating cloth will last for a very long time.

As with all natural fabrics there is some initial shrinkage and be aware it takes about five washes to reach maximum softness and absorbency.

To use: Cleanse your face and body as you would normally (Hemp Hemp Hooray Lush Lime Cream Cleanser is amazing!) then use one of the super soft cloths to remove all traces of your cleanser. I recommend you do not rub vigorously but massage in a round about motion, rinsing out as needed. Now just sit back and marvel at your amazing skin!

Conatins: x1 super soft Hemp wash cloth

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