Hemper Tech Fresh Wipes


Clean your vape/glassware like a pro!

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Hemper Tech is all about one thing – creating (and collaborating) products you didn’t know you needed.  The in-house development team is constantly innovating, designing and developing unique products to enhance your smoking/vaping experience.

Hemper Tech Alcohol Fresh Wipes are disposable cloths treated with a proprietary cleaning agent (Isopropyl Alcohol) to remove any build-up on your apparatus. Simply grab and apply to any surface to eliminate grime and germs!  These wipes are sure to become an instant staple to your kit. Fresh Wipes have one scrubby side and one smooth side for polishing.

These wipes are perfect for cleaning bongs, bowls, vaporisers, cartridges, hands, dab tools, and many more. There is a practical use for these wipes all the time.


  • x25 Fresh Wipe bucket
  • Contains Isopropyl Alcohol

Close Lid after each use to retain moisture

**Each bucket contains 25 wipes, close after each use to retain moisture

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