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Hemper Tech is all about one thing – creating (and collaborating) products you didn’t know you needed.  The in-house development team is constantly innovating, designing and developing unique products to enhance your smoking/vaping experience. Hemper is best known for their monthly subscription boxes providing all manner of accessories and glassware to their loyal customers.


Hemper Tech tends to make some of my most eccentric glass pieces, spiderweb beakers, space cars and Hennessey bottles are 3 such examples. Now I present to you a Jellyfish Jar Bubbler. Those of you that watch SpongeBob Square Pants may recognise the homage.

As the name states this is a jar with a Jellyfish in it. An all-in-one bubbler made entirely from glass with a removeable flower bowl. This piece is on the shorter side, standing at 13cms if you don’t include the straw-like mouthpiece (18cms then). An interesting feature is the fact that it has been designed to fit most standard cup holders. Not sure how I feel about this as smoking and driving should not mix.

The pink jellyfish has 2 roles: to be visually appealing whilst also providing some pretty impressive percolation effects. A tree perc system is essentially a structure consisting of a certain number of thin tubes (4 in this case) each with an opening at each end (large ones in this case). These arms are connected to the down stem and your single smoke bubble is forced through each directly into the water for cooling and filtering. All culminating in a cooler/smoother smoking experience. Oh, and it is pretty awesome visually too!

TIP: To clean a tree percolation set up I recommend soaking in Isopropyl Alcohol (or your preferred cleaning agent) overnight. Do this regularly to inhibit gunk building up.

A 14mm, male connection flower bowl is provided. You can remove this part and the port is frosted for an airtight connection. A double walled bowl that looks larger than it actually is, a great option for small to medium hits. Lastly, the mouthpiece is basically an elongated angled straw, ergonomic and designed to eliminate splash back.


  • X1 Hemper Tech Jellyfish Jar Bubbler
  • X1 14mm Flower Bowl (male)


  • Height: 7”/18cms
  • Compatible with both dry herb
  • Joint thickness: 14mm Female
  • X1 14mm flower bowl (male)
  • 4 Tree Percolator System
  • Straw like angled mouthpiece
  • Fits most cup holders
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