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Hemper Tech Snap Cap Isopropyl infused Swabs


Clean your vape/glassware like a connoisseur!

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Hemper Tech is all about one thing – creating (and collaborating) products you didn’t know you needed.  The in-house development team is constantly innovating, designing and developing unique products to enhance your smoking/vaping experience.

HemperTech Snapcap Alcohol swabs are specially formulated for cleaning Quartz Bangers, bowl pieces, Vape Pen atomisers & more! I personally love this product. Take anywhere, incredibly easy to use and mess free. Basically a standard cotton ear bud with included Isopropyl Alcohol, an all in one. I actually use them to clean multiple products around around my home not just my vaporisers. Extremely handy little swabs!

Easy to use – Simply snap one end (marked with a blue line) to flood the swab (white end) with Isopropyl Alcohol.

  • 24 Swabs Per Pack
  • 75% Isopropyl alcohol
  • 25% Distilled water
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