HemperTech 5″ Crystal Ball Rig – Light Blue


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Hemper Tech is all about one thing – creating (and collaborating) products you didn’t know you needed. The in-house development team is constantly innovating, designing and developing unique products to enhance your smoking/vaping experience. Hemper is best known for their monthly subscription boxes providing all manner of accessories and glassware to their loyal customers.


Hemper Tech tends to make some of my most eccentric glass pieces, spiderweb beakers and Hennessey bottles are 2 such examples. So how could I resist when I saw this Crystal Ball set up and now here it is in store. Most of Hemper Tech’s glass pieces are small in stature and this may be one of their smallest ones that I encountered so far. It looks like a crystal ball sitting upon a wide pedestal, but it actually reminds me of an observatory. If you include the jutting out mouthpiece it measures at 11cms in height and around 10cms at its widest point.  

Design wise we can divide this piece in half, a clear glass base with a blue glass orb upon the top. Inside this orb there is another orb (globe) with a very special role acting as a cooling chamber (more below). The water chamber is quite roomy for such a diminutive piece with an angled showerhead percolator within. 4 slits in the base of the fixed down stem will effectively push your smoke through the water for filtration and cooling. There is a substantial narrowing between the water chamber and the orb helping to eliminate splash back (don’t overfill!).

The term rig is generally used (not always so can be confusing) when describing a glass piece used for the consumption of concentrates (dabbing). In this case the word rig has been used as Hemper Tech have designed this water pipe so you are able to effortlessly swap the flower bowl over to a banger (not included) and dab away as needed. Just ensure your banger is a 14mm male connection.

  • The connection of this piece is a 14mm female (Frosted port).
  • Downstem is fixed in place.
  • 14mm male Flower Bowl provided.


The small inner globe is specially designed to create a “Storm” effect within. Maybe not a conventional storm with rain and lightening but a whirlwind of sorts. The premise is simple;

  • Your smoke travels up from the water chamber into the globe
  • There are 5 holes around the perimeter of the globe
  • Smoke swirls within and passes through all 5 holes
  • A plume shaped smoke steam is created

Results? Cooler smoke due to an increased pathway and agitation all whilst creating a visual spectacle. Hence the name “Crystal Ball”.


  • X1 Hemper Tech Crystal Ball Rig
  • X1 14mm Flower Bowl (male)


  • Height: 11cms
  • Compatible with both dry herb and concentrates (banger required)
  • Joint thickness: 14mm Female
  • X1 14mm flower bowl (male)
  • Shower head Percolator
  • Inner Globe Storm Effect
  • Cooling effect
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