Hemper Tech Showerhead Puck Rig V2 with Inline Percolator


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Hemper Tech is all about one thing – creating (and collaborating) products you didn’t know you needed. The in-house development team is constantly innovating, designing and developing unique products to enhance your smoking/vaping experience. Hemper is best known for their monthly subscription boxes providing all manner of accessories and glassware to their loyal customers.


I stock Hemper as one of my more affordable options of water pipes as well as the fact that they tend to create glass that is eccentrically unique. This is the new and upgraded Puck Rig V2, now with a larger chamber and more percolating power. The name should give away the shape, a large hockey puck shaped base – the water chamber. For such a small water pipe I would say that the water chamber is quite roomy. The down stem is fixed in place and sits at a 90° angle culminating in a cylindrical tube that acts as a percolator (teal in colour). This straight tube is actually an extended inline percolator with multiple diffusion slits along its length. These slits will create a large amount of smoke bubbles, providing super filtration.

TIP: A 14mm male, removable flower bowl is provided. a medium sized bowl I would say.

The top of the water chamber narrows drastically as you head upwards towards the mouthpiece. Narrows then widens to form a small zone before narrowing again. From this point upwards is the curved mouthpiece. The narrowing plus the curving are design features that act to prevent water splashing up towards your lips (restrictive splashgurad). A handy feature if you like to take large hits. At the very top is a flat and reinforced mouthpiece (teal band of colour).

Measuring: 17cms from base to tip of mouthpiece.


  • x1  Hemper Puck Rig V2
  • x1 14mm Male Flower Bowl


  • Puck Style
  • Inline Perc
  • Bent Neck
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • 6” Inches Tall
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