High Hemp Green Magnetic Rolling Tray


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The High Hemp Co is the first ever all organic herbal wrap company. Their wraps (and cones) are made from 100% organically farmed hemp with absolutely no fertilisers, growth stimulants, antibiotics or pesticides used. Herbal Wraps are not the only products from High Hemp with an ever-expanding list of accessories being added to their range, just like this rolling tray combo! My plan is to continue to add products from this brand for my store.


Any rolling afficienado will agree that a rolling tray can elevate your smoking ritual. A variety of flat surfaces are used by many of my customers with the humble magazine a frontrunner. Times are changing and I think it is about time that we treat our beloved medicinal herbs with the level of respect they deserve!

TIP: Herbal material left out in the open will lose potency over time.

This is a bundle kit and you will receive a stainless steel rolling tray, a magnetic lid plus 2 packs of High Hemp Rolling Papers (x1 wraps and x1 cones of various flavours). The edges of the tray are rolled over and raised enabling you to attach the lid. The lid is like one of those bendable fridge magnets that tradies keep leaving in my letter box as advertising.

Once in place the lid covers the entire tray helping to keep all your content safe from view whilst also helping to decrease odour. Something as simple as a lid will also keep your material safe from dust and other contaminants that float around in the air waiting to settle on any surface.

Measuring: 11.25″ x 7.5″


  • x1 High Hemp Rolling Tray – GREEN
  • X1 Magentic lid (High Hemp Logo)
  • X1 High Hemp Wraps (2 pack + Tips)
  • X1 High Hemp Cones (2 pack Tip installed)


  • Stainless Steel Rolling Tray
  • Magnetised tray cover
  • 100% Organic Hemp (included wraps/cones)
  • Sweet and Delicious
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Burns Slowly and Evenly
  • Two Wraps/Cones per Pack
  • Product of Amsterdam
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