Higher Standards Crystal Ashtray


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Oh Higher Standards, you have done it again! Creating an object both highly functional and worthy of lust. First of all, this ashtray is Crystal and not just any old Crystal – thick cut borosilicate glass. This thick cut glass provided substantial weight for stability and durability.

Cutting edge and modern in design, the Higher Standards Ashtray will not only make a statement, it will scream out from the rooftops!Recognizing the need for superior craftsmanship of form and function, the Ashtray has been designed for use before, during, and after your session; from hand-rolled masterpieces to hot tools, three triangular divots will support all hot materials.

The triangular design allows the user to conveniently ash from all angles, helping to keep your sessions mess free and way more fun.

Easy to clean (simply place in dishwasher), easy to use and easy to impress. This is prefect for the connoisseur in you or as a gift for the friend that appreciates true style.

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