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I’m happy to admit that cleaning is my thing. I like to take it to the next level and am lethal with a steamer in my hand! Since beginning my adventures with vaporisers/glassware I have noticed a distinct lack of effective cleaning products to help deal with gunk and resin build-up within devices. I have seen some interesting make-shift kits including paper clips and all manner of sharp pointed instruments! To solve this problem, I searched far and wide and came across the Higher Standards range. Higher Standards prides itself on making products for the elevated connoisseur. Their flagship store in New York is a sight to behold and gives me shop envy!


Firstly, I must stress that these are not your standard alcohol wipes that you purchase from the pharmacy. Standard wipes are designed to disinfect small areas, like your skin prior to an insulin injection. Designed to be used then discarded immediately with minimal strength and alcohol present – just enough to get the job done. Higher Standards has taken it up a notch with these extra-large and extra-tough textured wipes.

Isopropyl Alcohol is the cleaning agent of choice for a vast majority of herbal connoisseurs. Herbs contain resin, a thick oily substance that builds up within your herbal vaporiser and glass pieces. Resin hardens rather fast, and it won’t be hold before you have an almighty mess that can’t be ignored. I drive all my customers crazy with my non-stop carry-on about cleaning techniques and recommend setting a cleaning schedule that you adhere to regardless of usage.

In your cleaning kit you should already have a bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol (90%+ is highly recommended but not always available) for when you need to soak an item but not all items can be soaked and require spot cleaning, electronic vaporisers and mouthpieces are 2 such items. 30 individual wipes are provided, each in their own sealed sachet. Using one at a time should be enough. Each wipe has the following features:

  • Presoaked in 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Small textured dots on one side
  • Smooth texture on other side
  • Large size: 15cms x 16.5cms
  • Folds into any shape for flexible use
  • Reusable

The dual textures take these wipes to another level by providing you a surface for scrubbing and an extremely soft surface for polishing. The dots do an incredible job whilst not scratching surfaces and the smooth side feels like cashmere (when dry). These wipes are safe to be used on almost all glass, metal and silicone. In my opinion there are no better wipes out there for cleaning.

TIP: I keep all of my used/dry wipes, the one that aren’t too dirty at least. Why? Even after the Alcohol evaporates these wipes can be reused either wet or dry. The raised dot design is fantastic for cleaning just about anything, particularly my Victoria Beckham sunglasses!


X30 Higher Standards Individual Dot Wipes in a Box


  • Dual use
  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Textured Surface
  • Raised dots for scrubbing
  • Smooth surface for polishing
  • Reusable
  • 30 individual sachets
  • Extra Large – 15cms x 16.5cms
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