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If you know Higher Standards you know they do nothing by halves. Higher Standards was created to provide aficionados with the tools they need for the most elevated smoking experience. On all levels Higher Standards knows how to create lust-worthy products, from their simple yet cool packaging all the way through to premium function and design. Each and every one of their products are worthy of display in your home. The Beaker was the first Higher Standards product I ever encountered, and I have been selling them steadily since. My Higher Standards range is ever growing, and I will happily stock anything they make.

TIP: Higher Standards products are all made in the USA.

The Heavy-Duty Beaker is the first ever product that I sourced from the fine folks at Higher Standards. I instantly knew I wanted to showcase the brand in store, and I have displayed it proudly ever since. My range has grown since those first days and I still love all that Higher Standards does. The Beaker is a fairly classic design, quite tall, very thick with a wide (flared) mouthpiece and has been crafted with maximum water filtration and flavour in mind.

TIP: The Beaker measures in at 14 inches or for all you Australians 35.5 cms tall!


As with all their glass pieces it has been handcrafted from durable medical-grade borosilicate glass and is highly thermal resistant enabling it to withstand all variations in temperature. This glass is extra-extra thick (6mm), hence the heavy-duty nature of this beaker. This is a water pipe that has been designed to last the distance and it will take a lot for you to crack it (please don’t test this claim and stay safe!). The base is wide for added stability, which I think is fairly important in a taller device.

TIP: The Beaker is crazily easy to disassemble and clean.


Both the down stem and the flower bowl are detachable from the Beaker and from each other. A secure ground glass connection provides an airtight seal when all pieces are in place allowing for as deep a hit as you can handle. The bowl provided is a martini-style 14mm male connection. The down stem is quite long, measuring in at 16cms with 6 slits at the end (3 on each side). Engineered for optimal moisture conditioning, the Heavy-Duty Beaker places an innovative spin on the traditional diffuser. Extra-thin slits on the down stem generate finer bubbles, maximizing contact between smoke and moisture for a smoother draw. An airtight seal promotes deep chugging, ensuring thorough water filtration. Smoke sifts into the water chamber where it is filtered, purified and amplified to perfection.

TIP: Higher Standards have crafted the Heavy-Duty Beaker to be as airtight as humanly possible to ensure the most thorough and intense filtration with the least effort that they can provide.


Keen observers may notice the 3-pronged pinch point found at the base of the neck. This is a cool feature and one I particularly love. Inside the box you will also find an elongated white silicone mold. You use this mold to freeze a long piece of ice that you then place within the neck of the Beaker, with the 3 prongs effectively keeping the ice from sliding down into the water reservoir. Your smoke is then super cooled with each inhalation providing a cleaner, smoother and flavour rich experience. If you have not tried a water pipe with ice added I highly recommend that you do as the experience is very different.

Lastly but definitely not least I present to you the premium Collectors Case and please don’t imagine just any old box. Higher Standards likes to provide reusable foam lined cases for all their glass enabling you to keep your glass safe or to travel in style. All parts are allocated their own encased area and a sturdy handle is provided. This is a Beaker crafted for connoisseurs by connoisseurs with all bases covered providing a seamless, clean and pure smoking experience.


First step is to fill your Beaker with water. I recommend not overfilling and filling to just a little over the percolator holes of the down stem.

  • Grind, chop or roughly shred your herbal material.
  • Pack the bowl. Don’t over pack to avoid spillage.
  • Light the material whilst inhaling.
  • Empty out bowl and repeat if needed.


You have options when cleaning glassware, you can either use one of the myriad of prepackaged cleaning solutions (ensure you rinse thoroughly to ensure no chemicals remain) or you can use my favourite method of Isopropyl Alcohol blended with Rock Salt (check out Higher Standards Salt Rox). The 2 work perfectly together to dissolve and abrade resins/gunk away. This method works most effectively when you plug up all openings and then shaking the solution within.

As for the flower bowl, you can soak that in Isopropyl or wash with warm soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry before reusing.


x1 Higher Standards Beaker, x1 Diffused down stem, x1 14mm male flower bowl, x1 ice mold and x1 Foam-lined Collectors Case


  • Made from Heavy Duty Hand blown Medical-Grade Borosilicate Glass
  • Made in the USA
  • 6mm Glass (extra thick design)
  • 14 inches tall (35.5cms)
  • Portable water filtration
  • 3 prong ice pinch
  • Long neck for extended pathway
  • Dry Herbal material usage
  • Removable diffused down stem (6 slits)
  • Borosilicate glass martini-style flower bowl (14mm male)
  • Custom ice mold
  • Collectors case
  • Sturdy base
  • Wide mouthpiece
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Smooth and flavoursome

This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.

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