Higher Standards Large Match Bottle – 120 Black Matches


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If you know Higher Standards you know they do nothing by halves. Higher Standards was created to provide aficionados with the tools they need for the most elevated smoking experience. On all levels Higher Standards knows how to create lust-worthy products, from their simple yet cool packaging all the way through to premium function and design. Each and every one of their products are worthy of display in your home. I currently stock a myriad of glass products from Higher Standards and am now moving into acquiring their homewares/lifestyle range.

TIP: Higher Standards products are all made in the USA.


Is this item a necessity? Probably not, but sometimes you may just want a product for the simple reason that it looks freaking cool. Or maybe that’s just how I shop! Either way this is a product that provides 2 functions, either as a visual spectacle to elevate your home decor or as an upmarket way to light whatever needs lighting. I’m pretty sure you can guess which function I may be more drawn to!

120 long black matches are provided. If matches can ever be sexy then these get as close as matches can get. Each are 4” in length, translating to 10cms for my fellow Australians. Each are long enough to stand upright within the glass jar, almost reaching the top. The actual bottle is made form pretty tough thick glass (I still wouldn’t drop it though!) with a silk screen design upon the glass (Higher Standards Logo). Turn the bottle around and there is a rectangular flint strip for easy-peasy strike-on-bottle lighting. Lastly, upon the very top sits a cork. A biodegradable thermal-resistant cork to be exact. This cork keeps everything in place where it should be and completes the effortlessly cool styling of this product.

Bottle Measuring: 16.5cms tall and 8cms wide.


  • x1 Higher Standards Large Corked Glass Bottle
  • x 120 Long Black Matches
  • x1 Flint affixed to side of bottle


  • 120 Matches Per Bottle
  • 4” Matchsticks (10cms)
  • Strike-On-Bottle Flint
  • Silk-Screen Design
  • 6″ H x 3″ W Bottle (16.5 x 8cms)
  • Biodegradable and Thermal-Resistant Cork
  • Precision-Crafted Grooves
  • Handmade In The USA
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