Higher Standards Pipe Stix


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I’m happy to admit that cleaning is my thing. I like to take it to the next level and am lethal with a steamer in my hand! Since beginning my adventures with vaporisers/glassware I have noticed a distinct lack of effective cleaning products to help deal with gunk and resin build-up within devices. I have seen some interesting make-shift kits including paper clips and all manner of sharp pointed instruments! To solve this problem, I searched far and wide and came across the Higher Standards range. Higher Standards prides itself on making products for the elevated connoisseur. Their flagship store in New York is a sight to behold and gives me shop envy!

Crafted to be a two-in-one tool, Pipe Stix is ideal for any device. The premium cotton-tipped side is optimal for delicate surfaces and has been designed to absorb Isopropyl Alcohol. The dart-shaped tip has been designed to prevent any cotton remnants from getting dislodged in your device, a common problem that occurs with standard cotton swabs, such as ear buds. The flat-tipped side of the Pipe Stix is perfect for chiseling out dense debris. A simple looking tool that will surprise you with its usefulness.

  • 60 Swabs per pack
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