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If you know Higher Standards you know they do nothing by halves. Higher Standards was created to provide aficionados with the tools they need for the most elevated smoking experience. On all levels Higher Standards knows how to create lust-worthy products, from their simple yet cool packaging all the way through to premium function and design. Each and every one of their products are worthy of display in your home. The Beaker was the first Higher Standards product I ever encountered, and I have been selling them steadily since. My Higher Standards range is ever expanding, and I will happily stock anything they make in my Bondi Junction Vape/420 lifestyle Store.

TIP: Higher Standards products are all made in the USA.


Within the original Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig and the newer Riggler Rig you will already find this same 100% pure quartz banger. This extra thick, heat-resistant Quartz vaporises concentrates (wax/dabbing) at lower temperatures, increasing flavour while decreasing harshness and has been specifically designed to facilitate superior flavour and function.The Banger fits snuggly into either Higher Standards rig (male connection 14mm) and works to create an airtight seal allowing for optimal airflow and deeper inhalations. Not just for the Higher Standards Rigs, you can use these bangers in any rig that will accept a 14mm male connection.

TIP: A Carb Cap is a necessity with a dab rig, and I couldn’t recommend the one that Higher Standards makes any higher – The mulit-directional UFO Directional Quartz Carb Cap.


  • Effective dabbing is dependent on the lighter being used. A torch-style lighter is required to attain the heats required.
  • Before any dangerous heating occurs, I recommend using a dab tool to scoop out a tiny portion of your concentrate and place aside in an easy to reach location.
  • Ensuring that you are safe and standing near anything flammable you will need to use your torch to heat up the banger for approximately 20-30 seconds (or more).
  • Set the torch aside in a safe location, ensuring that it is turned off.
  • It is highly recommended that you wait a short period of time (maybe 30 seconds or so) before applying your concentrate within the heated banger. This will help with harshness and flavour.
  • I tend to start inhaling and getting the water bubbling within the rig a fraction of a second before applying any product. Swirl your dab tool around the interior of the banger.
  • Remove the dab tool, grab a carb cap and place it over the banger whilst you continue to inhale.
  • You are effectively done when nothing is pulling through.


I would soak the banger overnight in Isopropyl. Please be gentle with the banger though, it is the weakest point in the rig and can break if mishandled. Rinse thoroughly and allow all parts to dry before reassembling.

TIP: I like to use my torch (Higher Standards Big Blazer Torch is my choice) to clean the banger between uses by applying heat directly to any melted-on gunk until it dissolves. I also like to use cotton buds that have been lightly dipped in Isopropyl Alcohol to mop up any leftovers (let the banger cool a little first). This process should not replace the major cleans that your rig will need to undergo regularly to maintain a pure and flavoursome experience.


x1 Higher Standards Quartz Banger (14mm male)


  • 100% Pure Quartz
  • Made in the USA
  • 14mm male connection
  • Low temp Quartz Banger
  • Smooth and flavoursome
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