Higher Standards Tube Tops


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I’m happy to admit that cleaning is my thing. I like to take it to the next level and am lethal with a steamer in my hand! Since beginning my adventures with vaporisers/glassware I have noticed a distinct lack of effective cleaning products to help deal with gunk and resin build-up within devices. I have seen some interesting make-shift kits including paper clips and all manner of sharp pointed instruments! To solve this problem, I searched far and wide and came across the Higher Standards range. Higher Standards prides itself on making products for the elevated connoisseur. Their flagship store in New York is a sight to behold and gives me shop envy!

Pretty simple to use. These 6 assorted plugs come in a variety of sizes (designed to fit most standard openings) and are an essential part of your cleaning ritual. Simply plug all openings with the appropriately sized top for a worry and mess-free cleaning experience. Do you like your glassware looking pristine? Simply pour Higher Standards Salt Rox and Isoproply Alcohol into your piece. Plug all openings with the correct tube top and shake. The alcohol will work to dissolve built up gunk whilst the Salt Rox act as a gentle abrasive. Remove tube tops and rinse out your glassware. Now sit back and amaze at your work!

  • Made from premium silicone, Tube Tops also act as scent-stoppers that make traveling with your piece a more discreet adventure.
  • 6 Assorted sized Plugs