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If you know Higher Standards you know they do nothing by halves. Higher Standards was created to provide aficionados with the tools they need for the most elevated smoking experience.These glass filter tips are the perfect way to step up your rolling game. No more rummaging around looking for appropriate filter material!  Anything thick and rigid enough will do, right? Just be aware that you are most probably inhaling ink and any other chemicals that are present within your “filter”. Probably not the healthiest addition to your body! This is where these babies come in – 6 beautifully designed premium glass filter tips.

This 6 pack of high grade borosilicate (clear) 8mm wide glass filter tips are reusable with appropriate care and can be easily cleaned between use. Each filter is designed with a shallow pinch in the glass that lets smoke through whilst trapping any ash or any other particles. Offering you a clean superior way to smoke.


  • Glass helps smooth out and cool down the smoke before it reaches your mouth.
  • Protects your fingertips from getting too hot.
  • It is as pure as you can get without a multitude of contaminants.
  • Can be easily cleaned for use after use after use.
  • Ups your rolling street cred!


Begin rolling as you normally would then simply place the glass filter tip at the (mouth) end, make sure to leave the LOGO portion (HS) hanging out. Seal as you usually would. Light up and puff away.

Cleaning is as simple as placing the used filter tips into a plastic bag filled with Isopropyl Alcohol and a small amount of Rock Salt (Higher Standards Salt Rox work perfectly as do their Pipe Dreamz) to the solution. Seal bag and shake vigorously for about 2 minutes. Finally use a nylon brush (an unused toothbrush works well) to scrub off any remaining residue. Rinse off in warm water and allow to dry on a clean surface. Can also be placed into your dishwasher for easy cleaning. They are now ready to re-use!


:Each pack contains x6 Borosilicate glass filter each stamped with a different coloured logo

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