Hitoki Trident Adjustable Silicone Mouthpiece


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An absolutely new brand for me and an absolutely new product too. Welcome Hitoki. Technology, innovation and wellness is their niche with a goal of reinventing conceptions of healthy herbal blend usage. They have rather grand plans and advocate for a healthy lifestyle without compromising on luxury. I have stated on many occasions that smoking will never be harmless but minimisation on all levels should constantly be addressed to advance the industry.

The Trident Laser Water Pipe is their flagship product and along with associated accessories is all that they (currently) do. An aesthetically pleases device designed to provide a higher level of sophistication. There is a Patent Pending for the Trident. This device allows you to heat fresh herbal blends, dry blends or even aromatherapy (more below).

TIP: According to Hitoki, if you maintain The Trident you can expect over 5000 hours of use time.


A Hookah Style Hose is provided when you purchase the Hitoki Trident Laser Water Pipe, a long hose with an ergonomic mouthpiece at the end. Hitoki has also decided to provide an added accessory for those that would like a shorter pathway for inhalation. A shorter pathway will result in less cleaning and a more portable device. This mouthpiece is adjustable meaning that you can angle it how you desire.


X1 Hitoki Trident Laser Water Pipe Adjustable Silicone Mouthpiece

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