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Honey Stick Dual Tank Auto Draw Concealer Bee Master Twin


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**Cartridges are not included with this kit**

Frequent visitors to my store and/or site may have noticed that I sell a few products manufactured by Honey stick. Honey Stick is a lifestyle brand that combines the features of high tech, high performance, dependability and affordability when it comes to upper tier vaporisers. Honey Stick brand vaporisers combine cutting edge technology, world class performance and stealth concealment. Each of their products have been engineered to bring an unparalleled experience to the vaping of concentrates and essential oils.

The vaping of thick oils (usually herbal) is booming worldwide and I have noticed a definite increase in the number of customers who enter into my store to discuss the various options for heating their filled cartridges. I offer a few options ranging from simple variable voltage battery sticks all the way through to high end mod box set ups. None of these are as unique as the all new Honey Stick Dual Tank Auto Draw Concealer Bee Master Twin, the world’s first double cartridge auto-draw vape battery. A crazy long name for a crazily cool device.

Designed to resemble a standard (smallish) mod box that will easily fit in your hand but may be a little thick to sit comfortably within your pocket (particularly jeans), measuring at approximately 30mm x 58mm x 30mm. Why so thick you ask? Good question. As the name implies (dual tank) you are able to insert 2 individual cartridges within the mod at the same time. These 2 individual cartridges are also linked to their own (350mAh) battery. Both features are incredibly unique allowing you to vape different types of cartridges at will (mix and match!) and to conserve battery life. Each cartridge is positioned close enough to the other whereby you can actually vape both cartridges at the same time with one inhale effectively doubling the vapor!

TIP: You have options with this vape, either alternate between 2 inserted cartridges or use only one. The benefit of a single cartridge is the ability to effectively double your battery output by utilising one battery at a time.

The above-mentioned batteries are conjoined independently allowing for either single or double cartridge vaping. Each battery has its own USB charging port with 2 charging cables provided. At the top of the device are 2 fairly wide openings where you insert your cartridges. As with many other Honey Stick devices the cartridges are held in place via 510 threaded magnetic connectors, allowing for easy insertion/removal. 4 connectors are provided in this kit.

TIP: The opening is approximately 10mm which should fit the majority of cartridges but not all. Please check your cartridges before purchase.

The Bee Master Twin has a pre-set voltage output of 3.7V (non-variable) and works via auto draw. Auto draw is the activation of the device as you inhale thereby eliminating any buttons. There is no learning curve with this unit as long as you can charge, insert a cartridge and inhale there isn’t much else for you to master!

To use: Ensure that you have charged both batteries. An equal charge on both will enable you to vape for longer. A red light will appear alongside each charging port whilst charging. Thread a magnetic adapter on each cartridge that you will be using keeping in mind that you need not use 2 at a time. Once threaded your cartridge can be “dropped” into the opening and it will automatically be held in place. You are now ready to vape, inhale to activate when ready. Once you stop inhaling the device deactivates awaiting your next inhale.

To clean: Not much to clean with this device. 2 area that I would focus on would be the connection point at the base of both openings and the exterior of the unit. Electricity passes through the base of each opening enabling heating of your cartridge, over time this area may become gunked up. I would gently insert a cotton bud to mop up any gunk. Be careful with cotton buds as the cheaper versions may leave cotton fibres behind (HemperTech or Higher Standards both have good options that won’t unravel).

Contains: x1 The BeeMaster Twin Dual Tank Battery, x2 USB Charging cables, x1 Dual USB port wall charger (American plug) and x4 Magnetic 510 thread connectors

Please note: No cartridges are provided with this kit.

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