Honey stick Oz Ohm Dry Herb Vape Tank


Turn your mod into a dry herb vaporiser!

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This sexy tank is a must if you like to mix up your vaping sessions and don’t want to buy a second/third unit for your dry herb/wax concentrates. The HoneyStick Oz oHm Dry Herb Tank is compatible with ANY type of sub-ohm mod (510 threaded) thus converting your mod instantly into a dry herb and/or wax concentrate vaporiser, delivering impressively large clouds of intensely flavourful vapour. Technically this now leaves you with 3 uses for your mod box. Brilliant! With this kind of set-up, you get to explore different temperature settings for your dry herb/wax until you find your exact “sweet spot”.

To deliver smoother, unadulterated vapor, the Honey Stick Oz Ohm Dry Herb Tank features a ceramic heating plate that vaporises dry herb and wax “slow and low.” Ceramic does not react chemically to heat, displaying each flavour note and aroma of dry herb and wax as they’re meant to taste and smell. The ceramic-encased heating element of the Honey Stick Oz Ohm Dry Herb Tank is never exposed, making for clean-tasting hits that are free of harmful smoke.

The Honey Stick Oz Ohm Dry Herb Tank features a filter in the mouthpiece to further purify vapour. The silicone mouthpiece of this tank does a great job of cooling vapour down as it reaches your mouth. The silicone is also odour-free and will not impact the taste of your vape. The inert glass body keeps vapor cooler and smoother for more comfortable hits. Operation is simple. Just attach the Honey Stick Oz Ohm Dry Herb Tank to your mod vape via the threaded connection and enjoy the sweet life of vaping on-the-fly. This dry herb vape tank heats in just seconds. When you use a wick with this tank, you’ll also discover that you can vape essential oils and concentrates. The ceramic heating element does a great job of vaporising those, too. Very cool indeed!

The designers at this company have worked extensively with growers and dispensary owners to come up with devices which satisfy the vaping needs of the medicinal user. They rely on input from those who are closest to the industry and use that feedback to make their new mods and tanks more user-friendly. That’s the wonderful thing about this tank, it can be used by anyone right out of the box with a minimal amount of instruction.

Product details:

● 510 Threaded

● 22mm Diameter

● Pyrex Glass Tank

● Wattage Range: 7- 27W

0.5ohm Resistance Heating Coil

● Ceramic Encased Heating Plate

● Temperature Range: 212°-716°F

● Compatible w/ Sub-ohm Resistance Mods


● 1 x Sub-Herb Tank

● 1 x Silicone Ring

● 2 x Silicone Tips

● 3 x Concentrate Wicks

● 1 x User Manual

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