Honey Stick Twisted HTR Nano Pipe Mini


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I am currently having a love affair (unrequited love!) with Honey stick, a lifestyle brand that combines the features of modern technology, high performance & dependability when it comes to upper tier vaporisers and smoking accessories. The Team at Honey stick works with a vast network of growers, extractors, and industry figures to bring the needs of patients and recreational smokers to life.

I am proud to introduce one of the highest quality, premium reloading smoking pipes available. Designed to maximize performance, elegance and discreteness the Twisted HTR NANO is perfect for people on-the-go, or the connoisseur.


The Body of the unit is made of a high-grade German glass designed to preserve taste and withstand torching heat, this glass is covered by a high-grade gun-metal sleeve, to not only protect the glass, but insulate it from heat transfer during lighting.


Unscrew the threaded plunger from the body and set aside. You can now load your material into the body, ensuring that the rubber cap is in place at the other end. Do not over fill. Once loaded rethread the plunger (slowly). Remove the rubber end cap and light as needed. To ash, simply turn the screw.


Dismantle and place into your dishwasher, a bowl of warm soapy water or wipe down with Isoprolpyl Alcohol. Rinse well and you are ready for use.


  • German High-Quality Glass Body
  • Protective Gunmetal Sleeve providing Protection, Concealment, and Insulation.
  • Unique mouthpiece for maximized flow and filtration.
  • Will fit most standard bong stems.
  • Threaded Plunger for rapid reload.
  • Approx 8cm long x 1.5cm wide

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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