Hoss Glass 38mm 12″ Mini Beaker w/ Window Base – Pink


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The name Hoss Glass came on my radar a little while back and my interest was immediately piqued. Founded in 2009, Hoss Glass is a Canadian brand (Waterloo, Ontario to be specific) that crafts hand-made glassware and smoking accessories. Hoss Glass is the home of the original “build-a-bong” concept (allowing you to 100% customise your preferred experience) and offer quite a wide array of bubblers, waterpipes and pipes of all sizes, colours and thicknesses. All their glass products are made/blown at their Canadian facility and after perusing their wares I can easily say that some of their collection is pretty wild!


This is quite a simple beaker in comparison to the other pieces from Hoss that I have stocked.Simple and also smaller in stature, sitting at 12” tall (30cms). The heavy glass (borosilicate) has an ever-so-pretty pink tinge to it and is 38mm thick. There is also a clear stipe of glass at the very bottom of this beaker.

The extra-thick base is nice and flat for stability with a rather roomy water chamber (12cm diameter at bottom). Move upwards and you will encounter a narrowing towards the end of the long neck. This is the ice catcher whereby you are able to insert chunks of frozen water directly into the neck for an extra cooling effect. This is not a feature to be overlooked as lower temperatures increase levels of comfort whilst decreasing excessive coughing. Travel further up the neck and you will reach the thickened and rounded off mouthpiece.

X2 accessories are provided in this kit, each fitting seamlessly into the other (frosted ports for airtight connection).

  • X1 14mm Male Herb Bowl (has a side arm for easy handling and larger interior – pink tinge)
  • X1 14mm 16cm long Down Stem – pink tinge


As down stems go this one is fairly basic and is not of a “diffuser” variety. What do I mean? Diffusion down stems have slits along their base to pass smoke through. Your one large smoke bubble is then converted into a multitude of smaller smoke bubbles allowing for a larger surface area and more cooling/smoothness. There are no slits, and your smoke will pass though in one go before entering the water below.

This removeable stem is quite long (16cms), has a frosted port and is tinged pink (with Hoss logo on it too). The bowl is above average size, has a frosted port, is tinged pink, is 14mm, is male and has a Hoss logo upon the side arm.

TIP: A major bonus with a (removeable) Down stem is the relative ease of cleaning that an obstacle-free water chamber provides.


  • X1 Hoss Glass 12” Mini Beaker with glass window (pink tinge).
  • X1 14mm Flower Bowl (male)
  • x1 16cm Down stem


  • Height: 12”/30cms
  • Joint thickness: 14mm Female
  • X1 14mm flower bowl (pink in colour, male)
  • Glass thickness: 38mm
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Ice Catcher
  • Pink Tinged Glass
  • Clear glass window
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