Hydra 3-in-1 Modular Bubbler by Cali Crusher – Blue


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Cali Crusher are well known for their quality grinders, storage, glassware and other tools. A well-known and trusted brand. I am slowly building up my range of Cali Crusher products (this is my third after the 6” spoon and the Grinder Cleaner) as I continue to research all that they create.


The Hydra piqued my interest from the very first photo I saw of it. Quite utilitarian (and simple) looking with modular parts that break down to create smaller implements. Titled a 3-in-1 as it technically can be used as 3 different smoking devices: a one-hitter, a pipe/spoon or a bubbler. The choice is yours you will just need to assemble/disassemble the unit to fit each use. The Hydra has also been crafted to be quite durable with a body made from aircraft-grade aluminium yet is still quite light in hand. 3 windows enable you to view the poly carbonate bubbler chamber within whilst all pathways that your smoke travels through are made of glass for purity of flavour. From top to bottom the Hydra stands at around 14.5cms with a diameter of approximately 4ish cms (11.5 cms wide when including the in-place side arm/pipe).


To make assembly/disassembly a breeze Cali Crusher has included their proprietary “Quicklock” technology. When in place all parts feel nice and solid with no rattle or movement. The entire unit breaks down into 6 individual parts, starting at the base….

  • Removable lid to expose a hidden storage container. This lid also acts as the base for the spoon/pipe.
  • Main Chamber which consists of a poly carbonate inner bubbler section surrounded by an aluminium cage.
  • Glass bowl plus attached downstem, an all in one piece (4 slits for percolation).
  • Top portion that holds the glass bowl/downstem in place (when used as a bubbler), the one hitter (when used as a mouthpiece) or the spare glass bowl (when used as a spoon/pipe).
  • Mouthpiece, a deceptive name as it functions as a mouthpiece when locked in place but is a one hitter when disassembled and used on its own.
  • A magnetic lid that sits above the glass bowl on the top section.

I started taking apart the Hydra before I read any instructions to test the relative ease of use and how hard it is to figure out the different configurations and I can honestly say that it is incredibly easy and kind of fun!


Bubbler – The bubbler in full assembly will give you the best (flavoursome and smooth) experience. Remove the top portion and fill the chamber with enough water to cover the percolation slits of the downstem. Remove the magnetic lid of the now in-place top portion and ensure that the glass bowl/bubbler piece is in place and that the mouthpiece is attached. You are ready to go.

Spoon/Pipe – For those times when you don’t want to use water and prefer a simpler experience.  Remove the entire top portion and gently slide out the glass bowl/downstem and set aside (push up from the bottom and be careful not to lose the o-ring). Within your box is another glass bowl (spoon bowl), insert into the top portion. Remove the lid at the very base of the water chamber and screw onto the base of the spoon. You are ready to go.

One Hitter – Sometimes you just want to go out and about with a tiny discreet one hitter. The easiest of all 3 to set up, simply unscrew the mouthpiece and you have a stand-alone one hitter. Load your herb into the internal glass bowl (threaded end). You are ready to go.


A fairly easy device to clean as you can break it down into its many components. I would regularly wipe down all outer parts with a damp wash cloth (or an alcohol wipe). As for the main chamber and top portion (anything aluminium), I would hand wash these in warm soapy water. The most intense cleaning should be focused on all glass parts. Gently slide out the glass bowl/downstem (remove the o-ring) and place in a bowl of Isopropyl Alcohol to soak (add the spare glass bowl too if needed). The glass within the one hitter can also be removed by gently pushing it out from the side where your mouth would be placed. Be careful when doing this though! Soak with all other glass and then rinse and allow to dry before reinstalling.


  • x1 Hydra 3-1 Modular System with included glass bowl/downstem- Blue
  • x1 extra glass bowl


  • 3-in-1 Modular System – Bubbler / Spoon / One Hitter
  • Height: 6” (15cms)
  • Anodized 6160 aircraft-grade aluminium exterior
  • Magnetic lid
  • Borosilicate glass downstem and bowl
  • Patented Quicklock system
  • Durable and ideal for travel
  • Poly carbonate viewing window
  • Glass cleaner can cause poly carbonate to become clouded, but this piece can be taken apart to clean with soap and warm water.
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