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Hyer Big-E Dab Rig


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**Glassware not included.

Love your dabs? Or would you like to try but the thought of a blowtorch scares you? The safety aspect is a big reason why some people don’t feel comfortable dabbing. But it’s meant to be great fun so if you don’t want to miss out here is an easy and safe alternative. Introducing the Hyer Big-E Rig which converts your glass water pipe into a portable torchless dab rig. A revolutionary new way to transform your glass. Hands down, this is the most powerful portable on the market. Packed with 48W of portable power, enjoy up to 25 sessions or 2 hours of continuous use on a single charge. x4 18650 Li-ion batteries (3300mAh included) are required to power the Hyer Big-E Rig – no need for a power cord. Batteries can be recharged directly through the units USB-C charging port. Receiving up to 18W of power from the included charger for ultra-fast charging. As an added bonus an extra USB port has been included so you can charge your phone if needed!
No torch means no combustion. Torches cause combustion, introducing harmful particles to your dabs. No combustion = a big plus for your lungs!

Three years of research and development with taste science and how material aromatics are best consumed went into the development of this patent pending non-porous, quartz glass vaporisation element with ceramic heating. This unit is also free of nasty glue, plastics and foul taste. Another win for your lungs!


The main part of the Hyer Big-E Rig is the patent pending docking station. The base of your water pipe (flat base required) attaches to the docking station using the adjustable clamps located on both sides.  A knob located on the side of the docking station will adjust the clamps to firmly hold your glassware in place. Turn the know anti-clockwise to widen and clockwise to tighten. The base also comes with elastomeric traction grips to further secure your water pipe. But if Big-E happens to be knocked over, a sensor detects this occurrence and disables heating of the quartz glass to keep the environment safe.

The docking station has been designed to fit 90% of flat based glassware with a diameter between 63.5mm and 133mm and a base thickness of 5.3mm minimum and 10mm maximum.

Once your glassware is firmly in place attach the included Quartz nail to the down stem of your water pipe – The Hyer Big-E features male, female, 14mm, and 18mm compatibility. The 30W heating element inserts into the banger beneath the nail where it is held in place by rubber O-rings.


Pure Quartz glass takes 90 seconds to heat up from room temperature, but once there it retains the heat (no more adjustments required) and offers fantastic temperature stability and unmatched flavour.  The working surface of the medical grade, non-porous and chemically inert Quartz glass will not trap any residue. it is very easy to clean and will not release any hazardous chemicals of any kind. Quartz is the next revolution in cleaner dabbing – expect to see it everywhere soon.

To power on simply hold down the power button (unit will vibrate). Press the + and – to choose a temperature then push the power button again. Precision 10bit ADC ensures temperature stability and accuracy. Heating time is approximately 90 seconds. Precision temperature of the Hyer Big-E Rig ranges between 320°F and 852°F (160°C- 456°C). Coupled with the carb cap this unit is great for low temperatures.

The LED status indicators will provide a visual indication of the current status of the Big-E.

Blue Heating up
Green Ready to go
Purple Cleaning Mode

The all ceramic heating element vaporises your wax without combustion resulting in the same potent rips with a smoother more flavourful profile.  A 30W removable high-grade ceramic heating element extracts better flavour and effects from your wax concentrates by heating them beneath the point of combustion. Safety and flavour.

You can adjust your session time depending on your setting. Increase it for high volume use in social settings or decrease it for personal use. Another handy feature is the built-in stash drawer keeping everything you need readily at hand and the integrated dab tool located at the bottom of the base. Hyer really have thought of everything!


You all know how I love to clean and this rig does the hard work for you. Cleaning mode increases temperature to burn off excess residue. Enable the self-cleaning mode by first getting your Big-E into operating mode (LED green) and then hold the power button and the minus button on the control panel in order to carbonize any residue (LED purple will illuminate whilst cleaning). Repeat this step and then swab down any remnants with Isopropyl Alcohol. You are now clean.

To use: Adjust the clamps to hold your flat based glass water pipe into position. Attach the appropriate down stem (14mm male and female included) to your glassware. The heating element inserts into the banger beneath the nail (held in place by rubber O-rings). Make sure to attach the Smartswitch coupling cable to the heating element as well as the base, an included extension cable is provided if needed for reach. Dab your wax into the quartz bowl and power on the unit. Select your desired temperature and press the power button again to start heating. Once heated you can inhale from the mouthpiece of your water pipe.


  • Clamp on base with x4 3300mAh Li-ion batteries (48w)
  • Quartz vaporisation element 14mm male
  • Quartz vaporisation element 14mm female
  • 30w removable Ceramic heating element
  • Smartswitch coupling cable (12”) with 6” extension
  • 14-18mm female/male glass adapter
  • Quartz Carb Tool
  • USB-C Recharging cable and 18w wall charging adapter
  • Built in stash drawer and integrated dab tool
  • Instruction manual

This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.

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