Infyniti 12” 7mm Metallic Beaker with Ice Pinch



Upon first glance of the Infyniti website (wholesale) you will immediately ascertain that they specialise in scales, some pretty cool scales at that (interesting artwork). Upon further examination I came across their revolving rotation of products (some rare, licensed items) for an elevated smoking session. They try to touch on all manner of items ranging from glassware to rolling papers and strive to never be viewed as mediocre or overpriced.


I currently stock a few options of glass from Infyniti and they are quite popular with my customers who are on a budget. I tend to stock glassware on the slightly pricier side as I believe design and materials used should be of the highest quality and thus accordingly priced. I do strive to cover as many bases as I can as I want to offer products for all my customers regardless of their economic status. That’s where the Infyniti 12” Beaker comes in. A beaker is a certain style of water pipe, designed to resemble scientific beakers with a long neck and wide base. An ice pinch is a feature commonly seen in beakers.

TIP: The Beaker style is particularly suited to those that desire large hits or for those that require extra cooling and cleaner smoke for health reasons.

This is a sturdy piece, made with thick 7mm heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Infyniti likes to use a lot of vivid colours in their glass pieces and have covered portions of the glass in a metallic finish. There is a thin metallic band along the base then a clear gap that allows you to view inside the water chamber. From this point and above the rest of the glass is metallic again. The actual (clear glass) mouthpiece is super thick and very round.

The water chamber is quite large enabling you to fill it with a substantial amount of liquid. I tend to recommend never overfilling your glass water pipes and testing (deep inhalations via the mouthpiece) for any splash back before lighting. There is also a minimal fill, whereby the water should at least cover the base of the down stem. The 14mm down stem is 5.5” in length (almost 14cms) and is removable. A basic down stem with no percolation slits.  A 14mm flower bowl (male connection) is provided, a fairly decent sized bowl with a collar for easy handling.

TIP: Both the bowl and down stem are frosted for air-tight connection.


Lastly, I must touch on this feature, a feature that has helped many of my customers. Helped how? I have a number of medicinal marijuana prescription holders who suffer from lung conditions but want to inhale their herbal medicine for faster results. I always recommend vaping as the “healthiest” option in terms of inhlation, but even this method can be harsh for some. This is where I usually recommend the addition of a water pipe that has an ice pinch. The herbal vaporiser is then attached directly to the water pipe for an ultra-cooling effect.

Located right above the water chamber are the 3 prongs that work to substantially narrow the neck enabling you to place ice within. The addition of ice is not mandatory but a nice perk if you like (or need) a truly cold sensation. I recommend not packing with too much ice to allow for free-flowing smoke as you inhale.


  • x1 Infyniti 12” metallic finish glass beaker
  • x1 down stem
  • x1 14mm male flower bowl


  • 12″ Tall (30.5cms)
  • Made of quality Borosilicate Glass
  • 7 mm thick glass
  • Base: 5″
  • Metallic Design
  • Down stem Length: 5.5″
  • 3-Pinch Ice Catch
  • 14mm Bowl (male)

Black, Gold, Pink

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