Infyniti 12” Beaker with 4 Arm Tree Percolator and Ice Pinch



Upon first glance of the Infyniti website (wholesale) you will immediately ascertain that they specialise in scales, some pretty cool scales at that (interesting artwork). Upon further examination I came across their revolving rotation of products (some rare licensed items) for an elevated smoking session. They try to touch on all manner of items ranging from glassware to rolling papers and strive to never be viewed as mediocre or overpriced.


I tend to stock glassware on the slightly pricier side as I believe design and materials used should be of the highest quality and thus accordingly priced. I do strive to cover as many bases as I can as I want to offer products for all my customers regardless of their economic status. That’s where the Infyniti 12” Beaker comes in. I was initially drawn to the vivid colours and the intricate percolation system within. The beaker base is flat and then rounds off into quite a roomy water chamber. The down stem (slited) is removable and houses a 14mm (removable male) cone piece. Travel further up and you will come across the 4-Arm Tree Percolator (more on that soon), the 3-pinch ice catcher and then finally the thickened mouthpiece.


This is a beaker crafted to create a nice display of turbulence within. Diffusion of your smoke will begin via the 6 slanted slits at the base of the diffuser down stem. These slits will enable your one large smoke bubble to break down into a myriad of smaller bubbles. Many bubbles equal an increased surface area for increased cooling and a smoother/cleaner experience.  The top of the down stem and base of bowl are frosted for a nice snug fit.


Once your now diffused smoke moves up and out of the water chamber it will encounter a crazy looking set up – the 4-arm tree percolator. So, what is it exactly? A tree percolator is essentially a structure consisting of a certain number of thin tubes (4 in this case) each with a number of slits at the ends (3 each in this case). These arms are connected via a stem which draws the smoke up out of the water chamber and into the tree perc. Smoke is forced through each of the slits further cooling and filtering it. Oh, and it is pretty awesome visually too!


Located right above the tree perc are 3 prongs that work to substantially narrow the neck enabling you to place ice within. The addition of ice is not mandatory but a nice perk if you like a truly cold sensation. I recommend not packing with too much ice to allow for free flowing smoke as you inhale.


x1 Infyniti 12” Glasss Beaker with 4-arm tree percolator, x1 diffusion down stem and x1 14mm male flower bowl


  • Height: 12”
  • 4-arm tree percolator
  • 3 prong ice catch
  • Joint thickness: 14mm Female
  • x1 14mm flower bowl (male)
  • Diffuser down stem (5”)

Blue, Frosted Pink, Red

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