Iolite Original Yellow Herbal Vaporiser


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Iolite is as unique a vaporiser brand as you can possibly get! Designed, manufactured and marketed by Oglesby and Butler in Ireland. Designers of the world’s first butane powered vaporiser (2008!), they have been around for quite a while now (making butane powered tools for 27 years) with a strong focus on user experience and a quality build. The Iolite Original has been a popular herbal vaporiser ever since its inception (considered a classic), still selling strongly all these years later. If a unique and functional vaporiser is your desire, then Iolite will not disappoint.

A 2 year warranty is offered on the Iolite against defects in workmanship and material which occur with normal workings of the device.


First thing you will notice is how incredibly light this herbal vaporiser is (and that it looks like a walkie-talkie!). I’m being serious here, really really light. I guess that’s what occurs when a battery is not needed within. No battery is required as all the power will come from butane gas that you will be adding as required technically making the Iolite a flameless catalytic heating vaporiser. Designed to be quite durable, the Iolite is made from a high-grade plastic called Ultem – a high temperature resistant material. Ergonomically designed to sit nicely within your hand and is a pretty easy vape to use. No LED screen so you are unable to set an individual temperature, with the Iolite heating at a constant 190°C.

Measurements: 102 x 25 x 64mm

TIP: The idea of butane can seem scary as an ignition source, but a catalytic heater works to convert butane into power without a flame being used.


A can of butane gas is required on hand to enable you to fill as needed. Filling the Iolite is actually quite simple and if you have ever gassed up a lighter you will know exactly what to do. The gas input nozzle is located at the top of the Iolite and a full fill should take no more than 10 seconds and will give you 1½ hours of usage! This is substantially more time than a lot of the herbal vapes that I sell. An igniter switch (Piezo Button) enables you to fire up the vape as needed. An orange glow will be visible on the side when ignition is successful, and heating is occurring. The orange glow will disappear once temperature has been reached.

TIP: High quality commercial grade cigarette lighter Butane gas is recommended, please don’t skimp on quality as Iolite recommends that no other form of Butane should be used.


The Iolite heats to just one set temperature of 190°C, a temperature that falls on the lower side for herbal vaping but is very popular with many vapers. 180-220°C is the range for vaping marijuana effectively (and not combusting) with lower temperature expressing flavour and higher ones producing more vapour/effect. At 190°C you will get a nice mix of flavour with moderate vapour. Your temperature should be reached within 45 seconds (watch for the orange glow) but I would wait a few extra seconds for effective vapour before inhaling.

TIP: You may hear a hissing sound as your session continues, this is normal.


I will be honest, it took me a minute to figure out how to fill the chamber with the Iolite but it is actually pretty easy once you try it. The chamber is located underneath the mouthpiece, and not just underneath but attached as well. Meaning that you will be pulling out the mouthpiece and then turning it upside down to fill before reinsertion into the vape (reinsert whilst vape is upside down). A mesh screen within stops you from inhaling any herbal material. You will notice a heating pin below the heating chamber, this spike is actually part of the heating element and sits within your packed chamber when the mouthpiece is in its rightful position. A major point of contention with herbal vaping is a chamber that is too close to a mouthpiece. This is an issue in a lot of vaporisers and Iolite has provided an extended mouthpiece straw to elongate the vapour path.

TIP: I would pack on the looser side to allow for airflow through the herb.

***WARNINGS: Lastly, I recommend reading the instruction carefully before usage. Please take care with butane and if you overfill please wait 5 minutes before switching the Iolite on. The filling chamber will get very hot after use (190°C, remember) and you will need to be super careful when removing any herbal material from within.


  • X1 Iolite Vaporiser
  • X1 Carry Case
  • X1 Moisture Condenser
  • X1 Heater Mesh Screen
  • X1 Extendable Mouthpiece
  • X1 Vapor Optimiser
  • x3 Mouthpiece Tips
  • X2 Pipe Cleaners
  • X1 Tool for Maintenance
  • X1 User manual


  • No battery
  • ​Butane powered
  • Flameless Catalytic Heating
  • Piezo Ignition Button
  • Temperature: 190°C
  • 45 second heat up time
  • 10 second Butane refill time
  • 90 minutes of vaping before gas refill
  • Lightweight
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