Jonathan Adler Eve Accent Bowl


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I first came across Jonathan Adler when he started collaborating with Higher Standards to create some lust worthy collectibles including a range of trays and storage devices. Jonathan Adler brings a concept of “luxe-living” to the table, kind of appropriate for my store, no? For those who have not yet heard of this legendary designer get ready to be impressed (his website is one of my favourites!). He began dabbling in pottery at the age of 12, perfecting the art and eventually started selling them through luxury department store Barneys New York. I real could go on and on but will keep it short, since then Jonathan Adler has expanded into a variety of luxury homewares, opening over 17 of his own stores. He has designed hotels, worked with countless celebrities, written books as well as being on countless TV Shows. When I become really rich, I will be ringing him to do my interiors!

TIP: This crazy cool bowl is the first of my many new products coming straight from Jonathan Adler himself, this is not a collaboration but 100% Adler design.


The Eve Bowl is part of the “Muse Collection” whereby different body parts are used to create a variety of products. Titled “Muse” as each individual piece is inspired by their favourite artists muses. For those unaware a muse is generally a human and female (mostly) and they serve as an artist’s inspiration, helping them to craft unique pieces. A quick perusal of this collection shows lips, hands, asses, faces and breasts used as a basis for design.


Let’s start with how it looks as that is kind of what first grabbed my eye. This bowl is basically a full-sized sculpted hand in the palm up position. This alabaster white hand is holding a large white bowl with a glimmering gold interior. The detail is what got me, including the little fingernail grooves. The actual bowl is pretty huge, and you could use it to eat your breakfast cereal if you are so inclined!

The entire piece has been crafted from start to finish and high-fire matte porcelain has been used along with a glittering gold interior for contrast. The hand also has a wrist and a partial piece of the forearm that I use that as a handle when moving the hand around. All in all this is a multi-use bowl and the only limit is your imagination.

Measuring: An interesting piece to measure but here is my best go. The bowl is a perfect circle and is 15.5cms in diameter. The length of the entire hand/arm is approximately 20cm long and about 12cm wide (widest point). 9.5cm in height.


Sit back and enjoy the craftsmanship and cool design of your newest and most favourite bowl/storage container. Delicately stroke the hand if you so desire! Please do not place it within your dishwasher though! Hand wash (carefully) or wipe with a damp cloth only.


x1 Jonathan Adler Eve Accent Bowl


  • Diameter: 15cms
  • Height: 9.5cms
  • Hand Design
  • Handmade and Durable
  • High-Fired White Porcelain
  • Glimmering gold interior
  • Hand Wash Only
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