Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps Strawberry Fields – 2 per pack


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Juicy Jays make some of the world’s most well-known and beloved flavoured rolling papers. It all began in the late 80’s with a simple menthol line and it all snowballed from there. I believe that I currently stock almost their entire range of rolling papers (they just keep selling out!) and now I am adding their range of high-quality, wraps to the mix


Wraps are kind of like blunt papers, similar in appearance and usage. But with ONE MAJOR DIFFERENCE, blunts are made from tobacco leaf (usually) whilst wraps tend to be made from Hemp. Using blunts papers come with a downside for many, the addition of addictive nicotine (an upside for some) and are not necessarily legal in Australia as our laws regarding nicotine are super fierce. Many rip apart a cigar to use its outer skin for this very reason. As a massive advocate for harm ministration wherever you can find it, I am not a fan of blunts and believe that hemp offers a better alternative.

TIP: Don’t laugh about harm minimisation, I am aware that smoking will absolutely never be good for you, but as I can’t stop you I can try to help offer better alternatives.


Juicy Hemp Wraps are not just made from regular old hemp (this is Juicy Jay, remember!) but from toasted hemp! Designed to produce nice and delicious mellow smoke. Many wraps on the market are quite dry in texture and are subsequently difficult to roll with. Juicy Hemp Wraps are slightly moist (Triple Dip System) allowing for easier manipulation. There are 2 wraps provided in each resealable zip pack. The pack allows to you remove one wrap at a time whilst keeping the other zip locked for freshness.


Get ready for a flavour explosion people. Using a proprietary triple dipped flavour system, these luxury wraps offer a fully flavoured smoking experience from start to finish. If flavour is your thing, you will have a hard time finding wraps that can outperform these.

These wraps are for those that love strawberries. Really love them. I must warn you though, please reconsider if they aren’t your thing as the triple dip system will create quite the party in your mouth!


X2 Juicy Hemp Wraps in a freshness zip pack – Strawberry Fields flavour


  • Zip Lock pack of 2
  • Sealed extra tight for freshness
  • Full, Rich Aroma
  • Mellow flavour
  • Moist, easy to use
  • Toasted hemp
  • Triple Dip Flavour System
  • Strawberry Flavour

**At We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws, you must be 18+ to purchase and nothing we stock is intended for use with any tobacco products.**

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