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Any followers of my Instagram will know that art (particularly street art) is one of my obsessions. Pair that with my obsession with destigmatising the usage (legal) of medicinal herbs and you will understand my excitement over the K Haring Glass Range. My first delivery arrived this week and we held an unboxing ceremony so we could all ooh and aah over the contents.

Keith Haring was (dies 1990, aged 31) an American street artist and a social activist, massively famous in the 1980 for his iconic and vibrant artwork. He began by drawing in New York Subways and sadly was arrested for vandalism on a few occasions. Undeterred he continued on and started tackling some of societies biggest issues of the days via his artwork. AIDS awareness, gay rights and drug usage were some of the causes he believed in quite strongly and he used his artwork to educate. A vibrant visionary who used broad, bold strokes and groundbreaking imagery to spread messages of peace, love, equality, and compassion. Haring united New York City street culture with pop art to create his own iconic visual language that continues to engage and excite.


Now that the art is out of the way lets talk quality. This is a very well-made dab rig, aesthetically as well as functionally. The shape reminds me a little of an eggplant or maybe a large pear. This rig is next level, designed to incorporate iconic art with advanced water filtration. A pretty durable piece made from heavy duty (and heat resistant) borosilicate glass. The hand applied art portions are also resistant to heat.

A flat base with hand applied, heat resistant artwork on the base (inner and outer base) as well as on the neck. K Haring’s signature has also been hand applied to the neck. The down stem is a glass tube affixed to the side of the base and is 90°angled. The flared banger is quite thick and has an angled top. A directional carb cap is also provided enabling you to completely control airflow.  A ground glass connection on the down stem creates an airtight seal allowing you to inhale as intensely as you desire. The water reservoir is on the larger side so feel free to customise your water level to your own style of inhalation and percolation effects.

Speaking of percolation, this piece houses a turbine percolation system, and it is as crazy as the name sounds! More on that below. Travel up towards the neck and the rig substantially narrows, this narrowing can serve as a splash guard so please inhale at any strength. The reinforced mouthpiece angles slightly to the side further acting to restrict any splashing up of water onto your lips.

Measuring: 4.25” W x 3.3” D x 9.4” H


The basic role of a percolator is to push smoke through water in order to filter out the smoke. Cooler smoke and a smoother (less coughing) is the desired result. Contaminants are filtered out (not all of them of course) whilst the large smoke bubble is broken up into many smaller ones.

Turbine perc are quite unique and are extremely effective at filtration of smoke. They also create a visual spectacle, a turbine effect of sorts. If you look within the water chamber you will see the percolator laid out in the form of a ring around the inner perimeter of the glass. This system will not only break up, filter and cool your smoke insanely but will also spin the water round and round creating a turbine within. This in turn further contributes to the smoothness of your draws and round and round it goes.


As already mentioned, this is an extremely durable glass piece, now it is still glass so its durability will be limited so please don’t throw it around. Borosilicate glass is the gold standard for heavy duty glass rigs whilst also being heat resistant. Inferior glass may become unstable at high temperatures and can easily crack. Most bangers I sell these days are made from Quartz. The idea behind the usage of quartz is that you can dab at lower temperatures resulting in a more enjoyable and less harsh experience. Quartz will also retain heat for a longer duration due to their increased mass. These are important points as concentrates require higher levels of temperature for an effect than a standard glass piece for dry herb usage. Lastly, I must comment on the ground glass connection, this process is applied to all insertion points to enable an air-tight fit when the banger is in place. I am quite enjoying pulling in in/out as the connection is so smooth.


  • x1 K Haring Borosilicate Glass Rig
  • x1 thick glass banger
  • x1 UFO Directional carb cap
  • x1 foam lined storage box


  • 4.25” W x 3.3” D x 9.4” H
  • Iconic Keith Haring Artwork
  • Hand-Applied, Heat-Resistant Designs
  • 90° Downstem
  • Turbine Percolator
  • UFO-Style Directional Carb Cap
  • Flared Bucket
  • Built-In Splashguard
  • Borosilicate Glass
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