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Kandypens Elite Wax Vaporiser


The infamous Kandypens

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Not many in the 420-lifestyle vape world have not heard of the powerhouse that is Kandypens. A massive brand from California that pumps out beautifully designed and highly functional vaporisers, one after another. Many of their releases are a collaboration between themselves and a famous artist/rapper (DJ Khaled, Amber Rose, A$AP Rocky and more). This is a brand that I greatly admire and the best bit? Kandypens offers a lifetime warranty on all battery devices.


This is a very luxurious, solid and well-balanced wax vaporiser pen that allows you to enjoy waxes without a torch or a rig. From the battery all the way to the mouthpiece it all has a premium look and feel. A triple-layer paint job adds to the luxury as well as protects the device from scratches. The Elite comes packaged in an incredibly stylish hard-shelled carry box that resembles a makeup case. The power button is the letter K and an additional letter can be found on the underside of the unit – these both light up when in use. The temperature control battery comes with 4 settings which are identifiable by colour.

  • Pink: 149°C
  • Red: 177°C
  • Green: 199°C
  • Blue: 221°C

Easy to use standard one button operation (K Button) and a 650 mAh e-Go style battery (life-time warranty on battery) with a 10 second auto shot off safety feature. The Elite comes apart easily for cleaning (burn offs and alcohol wipes should keep it looking like new). An air carb on the mouthpiece also helps to give more control over vapour production.


2 high-quality atomisers are included with the Elite – Coil-less Ceramic Chamber and a dual Quartz rod atomiser (titanium). The Coil-less atomiser tends to heat slowly so it is recommended that you draw from it for the full 10 seconds power cycle until light flashes.

The dual Quartz atomiser will give you a visible vapour from a short draw even at low temperatures. These atomisers have been designed using new leak proof technology (air intake holes are elevated thereby reducing the chance of leaking and the bottom of the atomisers are now sealed), this makes the Elite very appealing as it can also be used for more runnier concentrates like oils.


Firstly you will need to choose which atomiser you wish to use. (Quartz rod – strong and heavy vapour, Ceramic chamber-softer and more flavourful vapour). Just screw the appropriate one on (510 threaded).

You are now ready to load with your favourite wax (don’t overfill to prevent leaks). If using Quartz coil – use the included packing tool to apply wax directly onto the coils (try not to touch coils directly with the packing tool) or if using the coil-less ceramic chamber – use the loading tool to place your wax onto the bottom.

5 presses of the K symbol to power on. 3 more quick clicks will allow you to change the temperature. If using a new coil for the first time – press the power button a few short times to heat up and prime the coil.


  • X1 Kandy Pens Elite battery unit
  • X1 mouthpiece
  • x2 coils (Coil-less Ceramic and Dual Quartz rod)
  • x1 packing tool
  • x1USB charger
  • x1 Instructions manual
  • x2 cleaning wipes
  • x1 hard-shelled carry case.


  • Luxury Portable Vaporiser
  • Developed & Designed in the USA
  • Handmade
  • Lifetime Warranty (Battery)
  • Concentrate/thick oil usage
  • Upgraded Mouthpiece with Air Carb
  • No Wicks or Dyes
  • 350mAh rechargeable battery
  • 10 Second Auto-Shutoff (Safety Feature)
  • Quartz Crystal Chamber with Quartz Rods
  • Ceramic chamber bucket style coil
  • Leak proof technology
  • 4 temperature settings
  • USB Charge
  • Simple one button usage
  • Hard Shell Carrying Case Included
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