Kannastor GR8TR V2 5pc 1.5″ Mini Grinder


Kannastor has been making high quality Grinders since 2003. That’s quite a bit of experience and all those years have been spent designing and tweaking grinder technology. Kannastor easily has a reputation of creating some of the most advanced designs on the planet today. A crack team of designers and engineers work tirelessly to ensure that all their grinders work at the highest possible level – no more stiff and squeaky grinders.

TIP: Kannastor offers a limited lifetime warranty that cover manufacturer defects – including broken teeth, for any reason.


All Kannastor Grinders are crafted using Aero-space grade 60/61 hardened (anodized) Aluminium, making them extremely durable and able to withstand being knocked about. All parts are chemically bathed, anodized and then each are closely hand inspected to eliminate any potential defects and impurities. Kannastor kind of takes your health and safety personally.

An innovative micro teeth and dish press design (MTP) whereby the teeth shred from top to bottom while simultaneously gently pressing through grinds. This is an effortless process as less force is required than with some other grinders, making this grinder an excellent option for users with medical conditions. Incredibly easy to clean, simply wipe down the teeth with a damp wash cloth.

TIP: Friction/Residue Rings work to reduce the friction creating an “air ride”. These rings also act as a residue collectors.

The GR8TR Series Grinders are modular by design. This mini version has 5 pieces you can very easily build up or break down to whatever size you need. Being modular you are able to assemble and configure your GR8TR in many ways.

  • Grind your herb at home then remove the grinding plate and you now have a storage container.
  • For out and about storage you can break down the GR8TR into the size of a puck that will easily fit in your pocket.
  • Remove the top lid and store your fresh buds awaiting grinding. There are technically 2 zones that can be used for storage.

Basically, play around/customise and make the GR8TR your own.

The original Kannastor GR8TR (larger version) provides you with 2 interchangeable grinding plates but the mini version only provides one. This plate offers up a fine grind and can be stored in the topmost section (or completely removed) when not in use. A screen (easy change screen/chamber)is NOT provided with the mini version either so kief collection is not available unless a separate screen is purchased.

Measuring: Just over 1.5″ (H) x Just under 1.5″ (D)


  • x1 5-piece Kannastor GR8TR V2 Series 1.5” Mini Grinder
  • x1 Guitar Pick Pollen Scraper


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Premium Food Grade Quality
  • Engineered for a Perfect Grind
  • GR8TR Storage Lid
  • Spare Grinder Plate Storage
  • Bonus Storage
  • Anti-Friction and Residue Rings
  • Micro Teeth
  • Deep Dish Grinding Chamber
  • Easy Change GR8TR® Plates
  • Grounds Storage & Screen Chamber
  • Polished Puck Base
  • Worldwide Patents
  • Compatible with the 1.5” Pendant Puck

Gun metal, Matte Black, Rose Gold

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